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cylindrical suit bag

carry suits easily and practically
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you always see business men (or women) carrying those long suit bag things ( ya know the ones that cover your suit then you carry it by the coathanger that pops out of the top). their really cumbersome and a pain in the arse. so imagine you had a cylindrical bag (much like a sleeping bag holder) with two layer, the first layer could be taken off your suit then could be rolled inside the first and second layer. then the inside compartment could be accessed from one end and all the rest of your belongings could be kept in there. This bag could then be carried over your shoulder like a normal bag and would stop your suit from being creased.
sheepman, Oct 13 2002

7/8's uncle 3/8 http://www.killifis.../Armaments/Arm2.jpg
No sudden moves [thumbwax, Oct 13 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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UKP 99 +S&H +Tax [FloridaManatee, Oct 04 2004]

Wheeluggage [swimswim, Jul 31 2011]

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       The airport luggage carousel would look like an arms stack.
reensure, Oct 13 2002

       Excellent idea. Here's a link if you want to buy one.
FloridaManatee, Mar 20 2003

       My Dad has one of these that's so old the zippers are wearing out. Baked, cooled, and stale.   

       It is good idea, though. If it was original, I'd toss a bun your way.
Alterother, Jul 31 2011


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