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decorative insects

insects which have all the annoyance bred out of them - somewhat like
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beauty pageant contestants. They are considered a 'catch' just to have on your arm or at your side at dinner. They are attractively arrayed in lovely colors and sparkling gems. They can glow as fireflys do. What conversations pieces, and, unlike the beauty pageant contestants, won't compete with you for conversation, or, horrors, make you look bad by making innocent or st..pd remarks or getting on subjects that are way over your head. Many new things could be created to showcase these rare creatures, again, following the Beauty model - game shows could feature them, or better, these insects could be the prizes! Imagine America's Next Top Insect' The list could go on and on.....and what about picnics and the golf course?
gfundl, Nov 20 2004

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       We (humans) already have the wrong idea that we're entitled to change nature's ways to our benefit. Sorry, [-].
Pericles, Nov 20 2004

       Reminds me of the development of prettier pets or flowers.
FarmerJohn, Nov 20 2004

       Stepford Wives. (see the movie), now Stepford bugs!   

       they had Stepford pets, too.
dentworth, Nov 20 2004


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