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The "UN-Happy" pill...
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Lets say you're male, upper-middle class making 200k a year. Your life is *good* compared to 99+% of the world. Maybe you want the sweetness to be just that much sweeter, so you take "depreszac" - it makes you depressed for a few hours... not suicidal, but pretty damn blue. From a pharm standpoint, this shouldn't be hard, just the oppisite of a MAOI or any other ANTI-depressant (i.e. stimulate the re-updatake of Seretonin).
slacktoid, May 03 2003


       For many people, its called 'alcohol'. No prescription required.
krelnik, May 03 2003

       we did something similar not so long ago.   

       perhaps you could try reading the newspapers.
po, May 03 2003

       Surely it would be Conzac?   

       This could be great - imagine, for example, how much more work Uncle Remus would have got done without Mr Bluebird on his shoulder.
friendlyfire, May 03 2003

       It's a heck of a lot easier to inhibit something than to stimulate it. So you should find a way to block a natural repressor for seratonin reuptake or MAO pathways (double-negative strategy on a completely different target). Now you know! ;)   

       I think there's enough crud in this world that even the most satisfied person could easily find something to be depressed about without the help of pharmacology. Some people also use sad movies for their catharsis.
mandy, May 09 2003

       We all need to feel those highs and lows. It's kind of a sad reflection on modern life that we need external excuses (sad movies, prozac etc.) to get us to feel stuff we should feel anyway.
dustmonkey, May 09 2003

       All the mood pills are pretty much russian roulette anyhow. Chances are the first drug doc gives you won't be the one for you and may make you worse!
aredant, May 10 2003

       I once heard of a well off white guy who said to another guy "you know I've never been unhappy" pause I guess I'm not smart enough -- which seemed to me an oddly smart observation.   

       Like this idea, I'm all for anything that lets someone in that position see how the other way more than half lives. Then maybe socialist-capitalism (and peace) would as John Lennon said (have a chance).
thecat, May 10 2003

       //Lets say you're male, upper-middle class making 200k a year. Your life is *good* compared to 99+% of the world.// - actually, chances are these people are more depressed than the rest of the population.
proto13, Jun 18 2004


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