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The help you need to let your body let you know when you are full.
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Many diet studies have been telling us for years that it takes 10-15 minutes for the chemical signals of fullness to get from the stomach to the brain when eating. Many of us eat so quickly that by the time we realize we're full, we've overeaten.

The DietTimer is a portioned plate which, once set to begin eating, has a self-closing mechanism (lid) that automatically closes after [X] minutes and remains closed for the next 10 minutes, after which the diner must enter a code into the lid mechanism in order to reopen the plate to either continue eating or put away the remainder of the meal. This will allow those unaccustomed to eating mindfully a break during which they can listen closely to their body's satiety messages.

Closing timer is adjustable from 5 - 15 minutes so you can fit the DietTimer to your own metabolic rates.

24-hr customer support available for those who cannot remember their code to open the DietTimer.

trinityX, Jan 10 2004


       //24-hr customer support available // Can you still call after you passed out from hypoglycemia? You may need an emergency button, "Help, I'm starving and it don't open up."
kbecker, Jan 11 2004

       as with all products, there will be people too stupid to use it. will consider extensive warning product insert with packaging, including "do not use the DietTimer if you cannot remember a simple 4 digit code for less than 20 minutes and have any health condition that may be aggravated by not being able to eat for more than 10 minutes and have inserted all edible nutritional materials within a 10 minute radius into the Diet Timer."
trinityX, Jan 13 2004

       // The help you need to let your body let you know when you are full. //   

       Is that some sort of Japanese English?
waugsqueke, Jan 13 2004

       That'd be more like:   

       "The assistance, whom you leave your body to inform you need, when you are complete."
benjamin, Jan 14 2004

       Simply prepare your food in such a way that you are required to chew it for 10 minutes before you are able to swallow it. I know my ex-wife perfected this technique...
Canuck, Jan 14 2004

       she should post it ;)
trinityX, Jan 26 2004


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