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digital clingon

bioelectric material clinging solution
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These tiny hairs with muscles are stored in a "foscicle" upon receiving a (rfid) signal it extends out penetrating the pants and releasing a hook creating a clinging effect.

On the press of a button the tiny hooks at the end of the hair are unlocked and can be retrieved, retracking into the "foscicle" for its next use.

Can be used for a removable pocket without the need to sew velcro on the pants in advance.

Works also for any temporary attachment of materials.

pashute, Jun 21 2021

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       What pants?
pocmloc, Jun 21 2021

       Why rfid?
pertinax, Jun 24 2021

       Electricty for change. Don't want to be having to charge the cling constantly.
wjt, Jul 10 2021


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