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doggy dental glove

…well, you try to find a NHS dentist for your best friend.
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a disposable glove that is fine and sensitive enough for you to be able to feel around in Fido’s mouth, explore every canine, massage those gums; soft enough for your doggy not to complain if there is a raw nerve or a tender spot.

each fingertip has a slightly abrasive tip to scrape away at any build-up of plaque.

chicken / beef doggy toothpaste with every pack.

po, Mar 01 2004

Finger toothbrush http://www.petplane...t_id=103&pf_id=0713
clean those teeth! [hazel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Would saved chewed fingers and be much easier than using a toothbrush. [+]
Klaatu, Mar 01 2004

       This idea sounded so good, that I figured it had to be baked. I can find grooming gloves for fur, but none for teeth. Good job [po].
Klaatu, Mar 01 2004

       I've got a toothbrush for Pete and Dud which fits on my finger. I can clean their little teeth by rubbing them with the fish-flavoured toothpaste on said finger-brush. They hate it, but they have small mouths so don't need a whole glove. If you've got a Great Dane you'd probably need a doggy dental sleeve.
hazel, Mar 02 2004

       I am talking old, cranky dogs! thanks hazel anyway.
po, Mar 02 2004

       define: whatever it was toadi?
po, Mar 11 2004

       Croissant for anything that promotes canine oral hygiene. I regularly scale and polish dogs' teeth under anaesthetic and it isn't pretty. The expense ($400 to $1000 depending on rankness) means that the teeth must be really foul before most owners can justify it. A couple of days ago I cracked off a lump of tartar from a fairly nice looking tooth to discover that it had no gum on the outside and hardly any bone left to hold it. He lost thirteen in the end. Brushing is a wonderful thing to do but is usually only possible if started as a puppy. Dental chews and kibble do a lot of good as well. The worst gobs tend to be attached to little dogs whose owners think a soft food diet is kinder.
+++ (second two only in spirit)
stilgar, Aug 16 2004


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