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double decker delicious bus

lunch and tour on a hybrid food truck tour bus
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so new york is filled with food trucks. good food, right outside your office for cheaper and quicker fare than a restaurant.

now, new york also has double decker open top deck buses for tourists to tour the city. there are also even double decker closed top busses that travel to philadelphia and dc (the 'mega' bus, but that is a different story)

how about a food truck bus that sells you food, and affords you the option to also get on the bus top and eat. at scheduled periodic times, the bus tours to a different location(s) and takes you a long for the ride. there could even be 'early' and 'late' lunch stopps with an extended tourist type ride in the middle. there's so many possibilities.

in addition the bus can do this in the evenings to cater to the club going crowd to bring them, like a party bus, from club to club, but with food.

due to the fact that the second level of the bus is supposed to be good for partying, it will have a covertible closed upper deck, allowing for open top like the red double deckers during good wether , and a closed top for bad wether---liek the double decker 'mega' bus that goes to philadelphia.

finally, should the bus obtain a liquor license, all drinking would happen with the double deck top closed to as to prevent any mishaps such as a drunk passenger falling off the top open deck.

finally , the bus will have excellent music.

i'm calling this the DDD bus. and if i get enough votes , i'm going to put this on kickstarter and try raising at least 200K to buy the bus and kit it out with a kitchen on the bottom for food truckery, and a dining section on the top deck. no joke. i

teslaberry, Aug 12 2014

(?) Might have been done but still great idea http://goodcookbook...-into-a-restaurant/
Doesn't mean you can't do it too. [doctorremulac3, Aug 12 2014]

(?) Here's one in Barcelona http://www.juliatra.../bus-gourmet_229484
real nice this one [doctorremulac3, Aug 12 2014]


       This is a pretty cool idea.   

       I know these topless tour busses they have in San Francisco park at scenic locations to let the tourists take pictures. This would be where you'd serve lunch, dinner, brunch, breakfast etc.   

       Actually, it's a great idea. I'd totally do this. I think this has an excellent chance of getting funding.   

       I did find a bus turned into a restaurant, see link, but that doesn't mean you can't do it too. On the contrary, proven idea no?   

       Here's the secret, no pre-prepaired foods that would be all messed up by being driven around. Just a fridge/freezer with the ingredients for the the meal. Park, the kitchen starts prepping the meals while the diners mill about in the scenic location sipping wine and taking pictures, taking in the splendor then after about an hour or so, dinner's served!   

       AWESOME idea! Got at least 1 customer and his family already.
doctorremulac3, Aug 12 2014

       // a liquor license //   


       // all drinking would happen with the double deck top closed to as to prevent any mishaps such as a drunk passenger falling off the top / /   

       [-] for spoiling the free entertainment.   

       // the bus will have excellent music //   

       Define "excellent music".   

       A string quartet playing baroque concerti gains a croissant; classic jazz might get a neutral; populist crap gets a huge stinky fishbone.
8th of 7, Aug 12 2014

       Maybe 20 people at a time, four 3 hour jaunts, $100 each at least. Gross 8 grand a day. There's promise there.   

       Get the foodie crowd into this.   

       Call it "Gourmet Coach Excursions" (Don't call it a bus.)
doctorremulac3, Aug 12 2014

       Cool. You could get the whole eco-friendly crowd by heating everything on the manifold.   

       what if we served hot dogs and burgers and called it the tourdog and burger bus.
teslaberry, Aug 13 2014

       //Get the foodie crowd into this.//   

       Gourmet food only. Park in some scenic location under the stars and sip wine while they make something decidedly un-bus-bill-of-fair-like.
doctorremulac3, Aug 13 2014

       Not sure how many hours qualify as enjoyable on a bus, but if it's more than 3, there may be a few good restaurants in New York. + for making a bus smell delicious
4and20, Aug 14 2014

       sp: along.   

       //this is a pretty cool idea Pretty, cool and tasty too.
pashute, Aug 14 2014


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