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Cello-tape Dispenser With a Beak

Anti-static cellotape
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When you are pulling Cello-tape off the roll it becomes charged with static. Normally this is not a problem with heavier materials, but with light weight items it can be a nuisance.

For example, when trying to Cello-tape strips of paper, or other tiny fragments you may have carefully positioned, the static retained in the tape causes them to fly up and attach themselves prematurely to the sticky surface of the tape poised above.

Cello-tape Dispenser With a Beak solves this problem.

The beak is attached to a bird's head (of your choice) and consists of a simple stylus that rests gently on the edge of the tape, when the bird's head is lowered into position. This stylus removes the static build up as strips of tape are pulled out ready for use.

Broad tape dispensers feature a row of birds to spread the weight of the beaks resting on the tape and ensure that it is not damaged as it is extended.

xenzag, Oct 27 2008

Sticky tape in a vacuum http://news.bbc.co....ci/tech/7686530.stm
[coprocephalous, Oct 27 2008]

Scotch tapes produces X-rays http://www.latimes....ct25,0,353084.story
UCLA researchers use Scotch tape to produce X-rays [theGem, Oct 27 2008]


       Good plan. This could be done with a teflon lower section (or suitable non-stick surface) with some conductive material and a metal top. If it was a point beak it could also be used to cut the tape.
miasere, Oct 27 2008

       Would this also work for violas?

//Normally this is not a problem // It may be if you're in a vacuum.
coprocephalous, Oct 27 2008

       Given the rather amazing ability for cellotape to produce X-rays of a human finger, it seems more appropriate for the bird's beak to be replaced by a pointing bony digit. Just in time for Halloween :-)
xenzag, Oct 28 2008


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