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A site which measures musical compatibility
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I listen to a lot of music, and even write my own. However, my inability to play certain instruments prevents these songs from ever coming to reality. There's nothing I would enjoy more than to be in a band of agreeable souls that listen to the same music that I do, can play instruments, and would enjoy adding creative input to a group musical project. Sadly, no one in my area seems to share my (admittedly eclectic) musical tastes.

A solution to my problem would be a website where people in my situation could input their musical preferences and which instruments they play. Then, the site would suggest groups of people with similar tastes to each other in groups that contained people proficient in traditional band instruments (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals etc.). Of course, members of the site would enter their location into the engine as well, so members of the proposed band could be within a reasonable proximity of each other.

DrWorm, Aug 18 2009

Join My Band http://www.joinmyband.co.uk
[tatterdemalion, Aug 18 2009]

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       Where do you live?
desolationrow, Aug 19 2009

       Suburban Westchester county, NY, where everyone inexplicably listens to heavy metal, commercial pop, or showtunes.
DrWorm, Aug 19 2009

       Same here.... but down in Mississippi where everyone inexplicibly listens to southern rock or rap
desolationrow, Aug 19 2009

       [Ian Tindale]: You've never heard of the country of Ny, halfway between Uzbekistan, Zaire, and Oz?   

       [desolationrow]: It doesn't surprise me that people in Mississippi listen to Southern rock; after all, Mississippi is undeniably Southern.
DrWorm, Aug 19 2009


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