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eviction locks

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smart locks that a landlord can disable thus making it impossible to lock the door. having no means of securing their possessions, the tenant may be more likely to move on.
bob, Mar 02 2018

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       If your tenant owns a few basic hand tools then they are capable of locking the door.
Wrongfellow, Mar 02 2018

       A sensible tenant with a landlord like this would have already changed the locks to keep the landlord out!
pocmloc, Mar 03 2018

       If the property is let furnished, it's a good way to end up with an unfurnished property ...
8th of 7, Mar 03 2018

       If the tenant is not engaging into society enough to get what they need then they might have given up. In this case securing their possessional wealth might not be high on their minds.
wjt, Mar 03 2018

       Tenants have all of the rights now it's true. You can't physically toss them out for not paying and you have to store their stuff for them for three months... but nobody said you had to leave either the front or back doors attached to your own piece of property.   

       Come to think of it, the removable windows, patio sliding door, and heat vent on the roof are still yours to do with as you wish.   

       How many inspections am I allowed to insist on performing every month again? Pretty sure I can figure out how to jury rig a wrench to shut off that water main in the front yard, etc.   

       One rather nasty landlord in England wished to rid himself of a sitting tenant in an upper-storey appartment. He sent some men to remove the staircase.
pertinax, Mar 04 2018

       Talk first, maybe more than a couple of times then start dismantling.
wjt, Mar 04 2018

Reason before force... and if reason doesn't work then the dismantling begins until reason once again holds sway.

       fuck that fucking cunt of a landlord i just moved away from. and his bitch of a wife. performing fucking endoscopies on my one-room rented piece of shit hut at the bottom of their garden. fuck them in excelsius. stupid sour little yesman and his fucking dull blondine wife with zero imagination. fucking liars too. hope they get gunbashed and left for dead in the coming race war. hope their neglected borehole water turns sour and poisons them when they finally get desperate enough to have to use it. hope they die slow, miserable deaths. hope their kids rebel and go drinking, drugging and fucking til they die. hope springs eternal.
Edie, Mar 06 2018

       Hey, now, don't hold back ... repressing your feelings is a Bad Thing. Just go right ahead and let everyone know what you think, no need to beat about the bush ...
8th of 7, Mar 06 2018

       Sp. in excelsis   

       Carry on ...
pertinax, Mar 06 2018


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