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bathe in cold flames
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shower with a solvent that burns at a low temperature,and gives off a low heat [perhaps an alcanol;but if a better solvent can be found,so be it] afterwards,start the flamethrower[burning the same fuel]
technobadger, Jun 16 2001

Boiling and the Leidenfrost effect http://www.wiley.co...idenfrost_essay.pdf
How water boils; How to dip your hand in molten lead without it hurting too much [hippo, Jun 16 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       thankyou for that information
technobadger, Jun 16 2001

       [Dillon], do you have a citation for the name change? Or are you just making fun of [technobadger]'s spelling?   

       I know someone who burned themselves very badly trying to show off by pouring methanol on themselves and igniting it. Tip: Take off your shirt first.
egnor, Jun 17 2001

       UB: Depends upon the fuel. Back in college, your Uncle Nutsy would set his hands on fire every Halloween, as part of the haunted house attraction for local kids.   

       As I greeted people in my guise as a drooling, disfigured hunchback (no different from normal, right?) I surreptitiously dipped my hand in a tub of water, then a jar of butane. Then, as I grandly motioned them onwards, my hand touched an open candelabra, and poof! blue flames.   

       It doesn't hurt- the water acts as insulation, and butane burns cool- as long as you don't have any hair on the back of your hands. If you do, well, it won't hurt the *second* time you do it.
Uncle Nutsy, Jun 17 2001

       Sounds good [Uncle Nutsy] - see link for how water will similarly protect your hand against molten lead.
hippo, Jun 22 2001


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