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Lubrication Applicator

Sticky mess? Not anymore...
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This works to help apply lubrication without making a mess of the job.

Instead of having to put the lubricant into your hand, and then onto whatever body part or device it is going onto, this would automatically feed the lubricant into a spongy device to be directly applied to body part or device. It would easily screw onto the top of already owned lubrication bottles. With a spongy head attached to a hard plastic surface with a hole in the center, all the operator would have to do, is turn the bottle upside down and give a gentle squeeze. Then the lubrication would soak into the spongy head and can be easily applied to the surface of choice. This completely eliminates the hassle and mess that comes with the current method of applying lubrication.

Can be used with most standard sized bottles, but available in differing sizes depending on bottle used. For use with water based lubricants only for ease of cleaning.

phoenix706, Mar 01 2004


       Could be used in the medical field as well at the ob/gyn and such...
krod, Mar 01 2004

       [krod] Um... no. Unless disposable I see this as a big biohazard.   

       [UB] Hadn't thought of that application for shoe polish.
Worldgineer, Mar 01 2004


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