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Breezing Bra

Grind - no, I can't do that. Gently blow air on them.
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In response to a complaint from my sweetheart regarding overtemp zones both under and between her ample breasts, Tremorless Tools (Fashion Division) plans to release the Breezing Bra.

Google searches for such items lead to materials that boast of ventilated material, but those products do nothing to actually foster air flow around these important zones.

Our product can be operated by a pump, contained in the matching athletic shoes (sold seperately).

This pumps air with each step through the support line that runs down the back straps, through the matching garter belt and stockings (also sold seperately) and into the shoe.

Alternatively, the nine volt battery model can run for a full day before the battery needs changing, insuring a continual flow of cooling air for the less active wearer.

normzone, Sep 21 2011

Accept no imitations Breathing_20Bra
[normzone, Sep 21 2011]

Ceiling fan style propellors for [Grogster] http://ny-image1.et...xfull.258797673.jpg
[normzone, Sep 21 2011]

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Climate Control Clothing Climate_20Control_20Clothing
[hippo, Sep 22 2011]


       I was hoping for some large airplane-style propellers on each tata when I read the title...
Grogster, Sep 21 2011

       Currently she's managing a See's Candy shop. I don't think that would fit in with Warren Buffet's idea of corporate image.   

       But I like the idea, I'll see if it's available in pasties.
normzone, Sep 21 2011

       [-] If you've got a footpump, the air is going to start off rather ripe from stinky feet and occasionally other ground-based odors (nearby dog dooty, garbage, a spilled soft drink) and it's going to be warmed by body heat on the way up.   

       I like Grog's take.
FlyingToaster, Sep 22 2011

       Thanks, [NZ]! Those are bunworthy propellers, and the tassels are a nice touch. [+]
Grogster, Sep 22 2011

       // pasties //   

       Err, do you mean the semi-circular meat pies originating in South-West England ? <link>
8th of 7, Sep 22 2011

       I have had several similar ideas, following similar complaints from Mrs. Twizz.   

       I came up with the idea of a flexible tube along the bottom of each cup, approx 1/2" diameter and just stiff enough not to be crushed flat when worn. The tube is either perforated or otherwise porous. the ends of each tube are located in positions where air may move more freely and each end is fitted with a simple flap valve, probably part of the tube material itself.   

       Any movement by the wearer would change the tube's volume, causing it to pump air through the tube and ventilate the affected area.   

       Of course, the cheap, simple solution is for large breasted women to wear thin white shirts and regularly splash water onto them, taking advantage of the high latent heat of evaporation of water to create a significant cooling effect.
Twizz, Sep 22 2011

       [Twizz] No need to state the obvious.
hippo, Sep 22 2011

       + I would like this!
xandram, Sep 22 2011

       [Twizz], I encourage this very thing at home, but she won't go for it outside.
normzone, Sep 23 2011


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