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golf helmets

its golf helmets, stupid
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I'm putting this idea up on behalf of my wife, so if someone makes a million out of it as she is sure will happen, please don't forget to mail me a cheque.

doeds it need any explanation? You wear a helmet when playing golf. The helmet stops balls hitting your head. complex huh?

williamsmatt, Sep 18 2008

Yes, this is golf http://www.party4me.../images%5C25251.jpg
[normzone, Sep 18 2008]

American football style helmets, perhaps? http://www.break.com/index/shotrisk.html
[Ling, Sep 18 2008]


       It will need to be tasseled (link).
normzone, Sep 18 2008

       Based on the premise that those most likely to be banged on the bonce are likely to be other golfers, thus deserving of a good bashing for playing such a silly pointless game, such helmets are a bad idea.   

       Better to have a flat, round, green cap, with a little red flag in the centre, makde of very thin material affording no protection whatsoever. The flag is for the other golfers to aim at.
8th of 7, Sep 18 2008

       ...on the other hand, golf balls would make cute little helmets for hamsters...
xandram, Sep 18 2008

       Oh, if [8th] could have said a futuristic miniature radar shaped like a red flag wired to a trajectory mini computer board patched like the golf greens signaling to the dangling ear flaps of the cap a distress call: Get the hell out of the way, dumb head! A micro-end-of-your-world meteor is coming!...
rotary, Sep 18 2008

       You should just carry a bucket of water around with you - the water would slow down the incoming golf ball so it doesn't reach you and instead falls in the water.
phundug, Sep 18 2008

       Ah, that uses the well known fact that golf balls are magnetically attracted to water.
Ling, Sep 18 2008

       If you're already into wearing traditional golf attire, it's pretty tough to look like any more of a twat. So why not.
Eugene, Sep 18 2008

       It's not just tough, it's impossible ....
8th of 7, Sep 18 2008

       thats funny rotary. i never thought a good joke would come out of it.
williamsmatt, Sep 19 2008

       Oh again, if [8th] could have said it's just tough, yet plausible. Yet, to explain it is too simple! Not a long-range radar actually but just to comb off the noise brought by insects such as flies and mosquitoes nearby that would interfere with motion capture. Install a motion detection camera-computer interface that superimpose video clips of the blue sky overhead captured from a wide-eyed lens. Reprogram the software to prioritize a rounded golf ball silhouette over fowl droppings whenever in a golf course - simply by a press of a button!   

       Well, maybe, just maybe, [8th] would conclude that there is truly just not yet a microchip invented to do such specific application... hmmm...   

       By the way, a kevlar upgrade is for the Unexpected Falling Objectionables :-)
rotary, Sep 20 2008

       More useful than prophylactics at the Vatican, at least.
4whom, Sep 21 2008

       Ah, that A-ntichrist I-ndoctrinating D-emonic S-ervice prevalent in Vatican and in the pompous crown of a pope you mean?
rotary, Sep 21 2008


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