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Custard-Filled Speed Bumps

Tastier Traffic-Calming
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I hate speed bumps. Even a normal speeds, they always make me spill whatever I am drinking...

I would like to propose the following solution; a custard-filled, speed-sensitive speed bump. This bump would allow safe passage to all law-abiding vehicles. However, when a fast moving vehicle hits the bump, the magical properties of custard spring into life.

Custard contains finely ground cornflour and is a 'dilatant' mixture, changing from liquid to solid when pressure is applied. Thus, a benign, rather flaccid bump encountered at low speeds becomes an unforgiving, hardened lump when hit at speed. For blatant speeding > 70MPH, the hump would burst showering the offending vehicle with incriminating custard.

Military installations, could take a different tack, filling their bumps with custard powder. This takes advantage of custard's, better known, explosive properties...

riposte, Mar 27 2001

(?) Driving by Braille http://www.halfbake...ving_20By_20Braille
Maybe this presents another use for dilatant sleeping policemen? [Aristotle, Mar 27 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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Pneumatic speed bumps on test. http://www.st3f.com...kery/speedbumps.jpg
Don't they ever listen. We said, "Custard." C-U-S-T-A-R-D. [st3f, Mar 27 2001, last modified Jul 05 2015]

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Not the original research, but a corrobrative statement. Sorry best I couold do in the time available. [egbert, Oct 11 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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So it's only fair that their discussion should be re-discussed here... [DesertFox, Oct 17 2004]

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here's what happens when you drop a 50 pound glob of dilatant compound from six stories up http://csc2.sunbelt-software.com/putty/
silly putty to the extreme! [mihali, Dec 31 2005]

'Smart speedbumps' for mexico http://www.autoblog...ease-safety-decrea/
They collapse if you're under the speed limit, no word on whether they're custard-powered or not though [mitxela, Oct 16 2009]

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       Custard road marking could be used as a form of braille for blind drivers.
Aristotle, Mar 27 2001

       This idea was on the radio this morning. I only heard the trailer, not the actual news item, but they suggested that speed bumps containing polymer gel would allow slower cars to pass easily.
KB2, Mar 27 2001

       The recent news about non-lethal weapons offers us another alternative. There have been developments in a "glue gun" that fires a thick substance of approximately custard-esque consistency, to cause the fleeing felon to be glued in place. We fill the speedbumps therewith, let them explode when a "blatant speeder" (as in riposte's original note) strikes them, and thereby not only apprehend them but reduce their speed sharply -- from, say, 70mph to zero in about 14 inches. Resultant damage to the offender could be heard into evidence at the trial.
Flooglehorn, Mar 28 2001

       I think the term you're looking for is 'dilatant', not 'thixotropic'. Thixotropic means that it'll solidify if left still, while dilatant means the required shear force deviates positively from Newtonian behaviour, i.e. shear thickening. Just for the record, 'pseudoplastic' is the opposite of dilatant -- it means shear-thinning.   

       Wow, I can't believe my wet ceramic processing class has proved marginally useful!
Wes, Mar 28 2001

       Thanks Wes, I have corrected the original text from 'thixotropic' to 'dilatant', though I believe custard is both.
riposte, Mar 28 2001

       Ok, so a custard-filled speed bump sounds promising but the manufacturing process would have to be carefully controlled as any lumps in the custard could have a seriously undesirable effect.   

       Consider a car where the car is observing the correct speed and safe passage is permitted, would the lumps not give an effect somewhat akin to driving over cobbles?   

       Perhaps the lumps could be filtered out at deployment time and utilised somewhere else? Any thoughts on possible uses for the custard lump bi-product? An alternative to grit in winter?
dapkniht, Mar 28 2001

       I think you would need synthetic custard engineered to have the right properties. However identifying the appropriate proporties that custard possesses is a good start to a truely half-baked idea.
Aristotle, Mar 28 2001

       I think such development costs could be much reduced by some targeted sponsorship deals - e.g. Bird's Custard powder.   

       Which brings me to my next topic, speed bump advertising logos. An advert could be written on the traffic-facing surface of a speed bumps and would prove hard to ignore... On a long road a whole sequence of messages could be placed several bumps. Each one would be punctated by a "bump" thus re-inforcing the message.
riposte, Mar 28 2001

       wouldnt that just leave everyone hating and wanting to destroy the companies who placed the adverts
chud, Mar 28 2001

       Personally, if I ever found myself *not* boggling for any length of time, I wouldn't keep coming back. :)   

       riposte', would you really want to advertise (presumably) foodstuff on such bumps? I mean, if you consider what you're driving over... and then to want to eat it? I imagine the only things you'd want to advertise on the speed bump would be auto shops (for the repairs) and the bump-making company itself. The food adverts would probably work anyway, with as little attention as the suckers pay, but still.
absterge, Mar 28 2001

       Condoms are flexible, and rarely break... [expecting]
marmite, Mar 28 2001

       I suppose you'll be suggesting internet by custard next
potty, Mar 28 2001

       Nice one, waugsqueke! I think I might change my name to Mr Flexihump.
DrBob, Mar 29 2001

       all too true, waugs. But then there is still that little 'Panic PIN' notion...
absterge, Mar 29 2001

       [Current Tally: +25 votes and 1 against]   

       I am deeply moved... (I suspect the negative vote was cast by either my project manager or my mum...)   

       However, it looks like the idea is baked (see Flexihump Ltd). I bet their filling is neither as cheap or as tasty, though...
riposte, Mar 30 2001

       Suggesting an idea that is so bizarre that people disbelieve it and then having someone discovering that it is baked is one the of the joys of the HalfBakery.
Aristotle, Mar 30 2001


       My original idea was for a "Speed Bump Memorial"... This was inspired by the alternate name for speed bumps in the UK - "sleeping policeman".   

       What could be more dignified than to remember a sadly-departed community policeman by embeding him in a concrete (or custard) bump and placing on the road.   

       The memorial bump would incorporate a low-profile head stone at one end and a brass-plaque (curved) detailing the usual epitaph...   

       "Here lies, Albert - age 93, giving citizens a rough ride since 1907"
riposte, Mar 30 2001

       In that case you turned a rather macabre idea into a rather inspired one instead. Saying that there does seem to be a need for certain English politicians (on both sides) to be buried under ballrooms to accomodate all the people who want to dance on their graves.
Aristotle, Mar 30 2001

       Of course, if you didn't like the person under the speed bump, you could always reverse over them - just to make sure...   

       (I wonder if this is worthy of a separate thread?)
riposte, Mar 30 2001

       I have thought of a handy addition to this idea => a 'polaroid' camera speed bump.   

       The camera would consist of a sealed bags of Palladium, Peroxide and 'boiled rhubarb' in an cast-iron container. When the bump is hit at speed, the ensuing shock releases the solutions, thus mixing the ferrous oxalate and palladium to produce a 'platinotype' photograph.   

       The 'camera' would be embedded on the near-side of the 'bump' so as to capture the license plate at the moment of impact.   

       This powerful combination of Rhubarb and Custard would catch many a speeding motorists.
riposte, Sep 19 2001

       Merry Custard and a Hellman's Mayonnaise to all!
reensure, Jan 01 2002

       Put a two-way custard turbine generator in the middle of the speed bump, and when a car going one way crosses, it generates electricity as the custard squishes over to the other side. When a car comes from the other direction, the cycle is complete, ready for another micro custardwatt to be fed into your home-based custard power substation.
entremanure, Jan 02 2002

       How about a piezoelectric material? I understand some snowboards use piezoelectric materials so as to become stiffer under rapid deformation; the same goal would apply here.   

       On a related note, I've thought for quite awhile that it might be good to make some car body/bumper structures out of such material so as to vary crush-resistance with speed. If the car is in a collision severe enough that the car will be totaled in any event, the optimal outcome is for the front of the car to be crushed just barely to the point that it can't crush anymore. If it doesn't crush all the way, the occupant of the car will have received more severe forces than were necessary; if it does crush all the way, the user will take a major wallop from any kinetic energy that remains. A properly-designed piezoelectric bumper system could alleviate these problems.
supercat, Jan 09 2002

       I love this idea (except for the custard part). Could it be linked to a radar system, where cars traveling too quickly would activate the speed bump (inflate, harden, whatever your process) and eliminate the need for speeding tickets? All roads would be self- adjusting and speed limits could vary according to traffic and time of day.
uneekware, May 08 2002

       Your cannae not love the custard part [uneekware] - its the heart if the idea (literally). The beauty is you wouldn't need all the techie stuff - custard behaves this way anyway if you hit it at speed.
mcscotland, May 08 2002

       In my neck of the woods most of the speed bumps are not built as a continuous obstruction across the whole road, but instead as a series of rectangular raised patches.   

       I guess this would translate into a row of custard tarts: the idea being that emergency vehicles can straddle (struddle?-) the bumps and not have to slow down.   

       The problem is that any driver who has more than 2.5 neurons allocated to steering/eye co-ordination, and is driving something bigger than a Smart or a Mini, can easily struddle the bumps too, maybe just crunching slightly over the crusts, as it were.   

       So although I love the idea, is custard smart enough to defeat the town planners as well as the loonie drivers?
brainSalad, May 09 2002

       but why?
jocelyn, Sep 01 2002

       This is perfect. The Bump should be a container constructed of 3/8" thick nylon reinforced rubber, and shaped like a speed bump. It should be pressurized to 35 PSI with custard, and offer a progressive pressure increase under deflection so that the amount of custard expelled under impact is exponentially dependant on the weight of the vehicle.   

       A bumper contact paddle positioned in front of the custard bump will push a preloaded donut magazine at the speed of the vehicle while custard pressure is over 38 PSI. A custard outlet hose attached to a reciprocating injection needle will fill donuts as the vehical passes so that donuts are automatically filled, boxed and then slammed through the drivers window with a prepackaged hot coffee for each 6 donuts generated. Closed windows mean no donuts and a huge mess (the penaly for driving a big, donut generating vehicle but not actually eating donuts). The heavier the vehicle, the more donuts are generated. Huge SUV's with lots of large, heavy passengers get the most donuts, plus they get even heavier for their next pass. Economy cars with anorexic people get nothing.   

       The whole program should be implemented by Dunkin Donuts and paid for by a special donut tax on SUV's. Police cars would carry a wireless donut card and get an automatic half dozen release.
Autonome, Sep 02 2002

       [jocelyn] why not?   

       [Autonome] very nice, I like it a lot.
madradish, Sep 02 2002

       I do not think the idea can work. The biggest problem is that a large vehicle weighs more and therefore applies more pressure. So, the large vehicles will not even be able to go the speed limit while the subcompacts will be able to speed right over it. On second though, that is not so bad since subcompacts are not dangerous while SUV's should be outlawed altogether.
jamesxi, Sep 20 2002

       Ahh but isn't the real question here "What flavor?"?
Wraith, Sep 22 2002

       Install 'anti-bumpifier' transmitters in emergency/police vehicles. As the vehicles near the speed bumb, a charge transimitted to the custard negates the custard's solidification.   

       Better yet, why use the speed bump so directly. Install electronics in all registered vehicles. Sideposts at street intersections and 'slow' areas modulate traffic speed.   

       Highway chases would all come to resemble the OJ chase, else highway chases become simply impossible.
existentist, Sep 29 2002

       Alternatively you could have some kind of custard injection into the emergency vehicle's tyres. As the vehicle goes over the speed bump, a transmitter on the bump tells the sensor onboard the vehicle to inject custard immediately into the tyres. The vehicle continues going, only having hit the up-slope of the speed bump, the increased diameter of the tyres removing the down slope. Custard can then be slowly extracted from the tyres and returned into the custard injector until the next speed bump is met.
PeterSilly, Sep 30 2002

       SILLY PUTTY!!! Silly putty is another common dilatant compound that has properties similar to custard, but much more so. If you slowly stretch silly putty, it stretches fine. But yank on it hard and it snaps in half. In fact if you drop it from a high building, silly putty SHATTERS!!! Silly Putty Filled Speed Bumps!
nightwind, Oct 11 2002

       //In fact if you drop it from a high building, silly putty SHATTERS// The version I read says it bounces then shatters on the second strike, so all you need to do is hit it fast with the front wheels and the rear wheels will smash it to pieces. Not very comfortable for you, but a sterling service to the rest of the community. I'll try to find the link.
egbert, Oct 11 2002

       Place a camera at the bump, facing oncoming traffic, to guage the speed of the oncoming vehicle. It is then connected to a custard pump to inflate the bump for speeders, or deflate it to negligibility (I hope that's a word) for moderate drivers.
friendlyfire, Nov 02 2002

       Why don't we just go the whole hog and have a huge steel blade come up out of the ground? The faster you're going the more you get splatted! After all, speeding is a far more anti-social activity than clogging up the road with an accident.   

       The best traffic calming situation I have ever seen is where residents park their cars down one side of a narrow street - or even better, alternate on both sides. This exists in the streets adjacent to where I live, and what are the council doing? Building resident's car parks and installing speed bumps!
egbert, Nov 04 2002

       Have no speed bump. Regular people will dirve slow. Fast drivers will trigger a launcher that launches custard on to the bottom of their car. After a few days the car would stink. Everytime a person gets in or out of the car, they will smell rotten custard. That will be a deterant and will keep them from speeding.
Rexaldo, Dec 21 2002

       Couldn't a simular principle be applied across a range of applications, creating an entire ecomony based on custard powered and derived devices? Which leaves, unanswered the one vital question, of what flavour custard would be used for the speed bumps <?>
nighthoover, Jan 13 2003

       My dog makes a substance that might deter them.
jerry4703, Jan 14 2003

       I think a criossant is appropriate here. Though for me the custard speed bumps wouldn't be a deterant. As a matter-of-fact that would make me want to speed... I love custard and as long as there is fresh custard in the speed bumps... the mysterious Urban_kayaker would have her car ready and roaring to go... P.S. fill the speed bumps with strawberry custard, its my favourite.
Urban_kayaker, Mar 31 2003

       NO NO NO WHAT YOU NEED IS,CUSTARD CAMERAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 WHICH DETECT SPEEDING VEHICLES AND SPLAT!!   

DIABLO, May 01 2003

       Near my high school the city built a small round-about to stop teenagers from speeding and giving the people in the nieghborhood a "speed bump free" enviroment. The only thing the round-about did was thwart old drivers(who don't speed anyway.) The round-about provied us with the challange of testing our potential formula one skills.
The Tick, May 31 2003

       Why not engineered like a fart bag? It'd add some humor to an idiotic car damaging idea.
babyloon, Jun 09 2003

       Lying in bed last night, kept awake by cars racing by my window for hours (25 mph is the limit on my street, most cars doing about 50); after 2 calls to the police, I invented much the same contraption, but it involved all the techie stuff: radar guns, hydraulic rams lifting hinged steel plates and such. I only post this for my 2 (I think) unique suggestions,   

       1. Give a 7 mph over the limit grace period, then start jacking up the bump until it becomes a 2 foot thick steel wall, 5 feet high at 20 mph over the limit, or so (further testing required) (they won't be speeding no mo)   

       2. On freeways, same grace period, then have continuous series of steel plates begin to angle up to create an increasingly bone shattering washboard effect (ever tried driving fast on bad washboard on a dirt road? its hell.)
oxen crossing, Jun 17 2003

       [bfrank] Some problems with custard-compatibility here....   

       Why not just use stainless-steel filings in a bit of custard? Hmm, on second thoughts the steel would never de-magnetise. It might be better to use regular iron filings and de-oxygenated custard. We wouldn't want the filings to rust...
riposte, Jun 24 2003

       //Speed bumps are the work of satin //   

       Satin-covered speed bumps? Wouldn't velvet be better, more traction?
PeterSilly, Jun 25 2003

       oh yes +
custardlove, Jul 09 2003

       Lets forget about speedbumps and make everything else out of Custard. Yum!
Armande Hammer, Jul 25 2003

       i would speed to get the sweet custardy goodness... but how often would the custard be changed to keep it fresh?
the ugly one, Oct 26 2003

       Can't you just see people stickin' a straw or spoon in the speed bumps to get a taste? Come to think of it, I had a teacher once that looked like a giant, custard-filled speed bump... (hee, hee!)
spacecadet, Dec 01 2003

       In areas where the custard-filled speed bump is employed, would it not be wiser to deliver custard only to the driver who obeys the limit?   

       Why not 'go the whole hog' and add a system that allows custard to be delivered cleanly and safely to the safe driver.. Perhaps cars could be programmed with the type of custard the driver desires each day, so the speed bumps can interact wirelessly and delivery whatever flavour appropriate.   

       I'd happily pay road tax safe in the knowledge i'd get hot custard of my daily choice everytime I drove slowly over a speed bump...   

       Oh yeah.. cars would also have to be equipped with straws for the driver, so they can suck on their custard straw and drive safely at the same time... [+]
SpeedDemon, Dec 07 2003

       Yes, the magical properties of custard! But I would be tempted to cut it open and eat it...
Chomp Rock, Dec 28 2003

       Well it all seems fine to just say that the good drivers will be rewarded with custard, but how much of a reward is that for people who are lactose intolerant? Then it would seem that they would have to drive wrecklessly to ensure they don't get exposed. The custard should stay where it was originally intended - under speed bumps. And the idea about the weights of cars affecting the number of doughnuts made seemed slightly unfair, that would distribute them unevenly, there should be more doughnuts for those cars weighing the least - therefore leaving a lower chance of making the fat fatter, and giving less doughnuts to those who weigh less. Maybe a system involving some kind of pulleys could be used to get the doughnuts to where they are really needed, like to orphanages or wherever poverty is rife?
tuus_matrima, Mar 25 2004

       Is custard really dilitant?
whatastrangeperson, Apr 09 2004

       Just noticed that I had not tossed my croisant on the heap.

       Seriously brilliant. Only reason I can think that they haven't used dilatants in speed bumps is that, they loose their properites after some time.
daseva, Jun 09 2004

       Robinism, it's called a link.
DesertFox, Jun 19 2004

       I just had the cartoonish vision of some unfortunate soul sucking the custard of one of these bumps and a car rounding the corner and hitting the bump and squish. Custard coming outta every opening.
Spare parts, Jun 23 2004

       //maybe those convicted of speeding should be made to contribute to the cause, by somehow being involved in the custard production process. //   

       To prevent speeding, surely the best thing to do is to create (basically) a coffin in the speedbumbs, with access to air (through a tube of some sort) and place speeders in there. They would be put in at 4 am and taken out after rush hour. The "coffin" would be unbreakable, but have just enough give so you can feel the pressure change in the custard. They then have to clear the coffin out afterwards.
Rufus, Jun 30 2004

       See the 'Pneumatic speed bumps on test.' link for an earlier picture. (By the way, you can post URLs as links by using the 'link' button -- your link already posted by engineer1)
st3f, Jul 01 2004

       [Rufus] Not too sure about that, I had the coffin idea a while ago but mine was under train tracks. The problem is that I intended it as a weird form of fun. I'd be tempted to speed past the police station in order to get into the coffin.
stilgar, Aug 26 2004

       Wouldn't the rubber wear out rather quickly, spraying the innocent with custard, like a delicious scarlet letter?
notmarkflynn, Dec 20 2005

       100 croissants for me!   

       Before clicking on this, I said to my self "Self, I bet you 100 croissants that [notmarkflynn] is the last annotator, because he saw this on Krelniks Newbie rules, and wanted to check it out."   

       And I was right!
DesertFox, Dec 21 2005

       We should start a pool on how many fishbones I can get in a week.
notmarkflynn, Dec 22 2005

       Can we attach a small bell on to this idea? Then, whenever someone gives it a bun or a bone, we know someone's entered the building
Dub, Dec 24 2005

       ding. +111. chuffed.
rainbow, Dec 25 2005

       this discusion is making me hungry
amuse, Apr 21 2006

       So eat a speedbump.
DesertFox, Apr 21 2006

       my college parking lot has horrible speed bumps every 10 feet. i have found that i am able to take them going quite fast and with only a very small vibration if i let my right hand wheels ease up onto the curb a little just before the bump. then i let them ease off after the bump. for some reason, this cuts down the shock of the bump by more than 75% i would guess (not the 50% you may have expected!)
auricom_mech, Aug 03 2006

       //I think the term you're looking for is 'dilatant', not 'thixotropic'//   

       I think the term you're looking for is not 'dilatant', but 'dilettante'.
pertinax, Aug 04 2006

       Oh dear! I forgot to eat breakfast! I'll go pop a speedbump.(+)
fett625, Mar 12 2007

       You see, [fett625], if only you'd named it "Name Machine with custard", you'd have been bunned to the gunwhales by now.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2007

       Thanks to your advice, now I have 7 plus votes. And a lot of custard.
fett625, Mar 14 2007

bogeld_mind21, Apr 30 2007

       well get me ma knife I's going speedbump poping for lunch
crash, Oct 31 2007

       Yes, [crash] if you look carefully there's a little warning sign "Caution: Contents may be hot."
Dub, Oct 31 2007

       Sometimes, when I happen to be driving and don't wan't to hit a speed bump, I just turn really quickly. The car is then riding on 2 wheels and can slip through the small gap between the bumps. Or, I could put a small ramp in front of the bumps. But I like the 2 wheel approach better.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 31 2007

       This thread went on for SEVEN YEARS.wow. was this the beginning of 'Custard'?
Rmac, Oct 18 2009

       Not Quite - this thread went on for five years, sat dormant for two and was then resurrected simply by mentioning it's (disputed) longevity.   

       Damn! I've done it myself now.   

       Look what you made me do!
Twizz, Oct 19 2009

       Oh well, now you and I seem to have continued it. perhaps it could be continued perpetually? It seems like a fun topic.
Rmac, Oct 20 2009

       EEK! Zombie Custard!
xxobot, Feb 24 2010

       How about adding custard-filled fords to splash through?? And one-lane hump back bridges over the custard river?? But not necessarily tangerine trees or marmalade skies.
sstvp, Feb 24 2010

       non-Newtonian spikes
FlyingToaster, Feb 24 2010

       Ahh, memories. The custard filled speed bump I invented back in 2002 only to find it had already been posted on some bizarre site called "the Halfbakery."   

       Disappointing as that was, I've been enjoying coming to this, the most interesting site on the web ever since.
doctorremulac3, Jul 11 2010

       I remember seeing (probably on Tomorrow's World), the use of silly putty-filled cylinders used as speed arrestors in gravity marshalling yards.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 11 2010

       [awol], more information about these yards where gravity is marshalled, please.
pocmloc, Jul 11 2010

       See link, [pocmloc].
nineteenthly, Jul 11 2010

       Sorry, I was in the garden
Dub, Jul 11 2010

       // Lying in bed last night, kept awake by cars racing by my window for hours (25 mph is the limit on my street, most cars doing about 50); after 2 calls to the police, I invented much the same contraption, but it involved all the techie stuff: radar guns, hydraulic rams lifting hinged steel plates and such. //   

       I've considered launching remote controlled robot children riding bikes in front of the speeding cars in my area. There'd need to be some mechanism to make sure there are no real humans within crashing distance, of course. The robot children would be full of blood and offal and would explode on impact.
idris83, May 11 2011

       Only to let it resurface!
Zimmy, May 23 2011

       Like that cornstarch gloop from 4th grade! I love it. [+]
fischerman, May 24 2011

       Are there even 178 people on HB?
DIYMatt, Jan 06 2012

       There used to be.
blissmiss, Jan 07 2012

       179; long-overdue [+]   

       Just out of curiousity, was this post the origin of the whole custard thing, or does that go back further?
Alterother, Jan 07 2012

       Custard goes back to the very beginning of time, I believe. Cause I believe in custard.
blissmiss, Jan 07 2012

       Deservedly little-known factoid: the difficult-to- translate Hebrew "tohu ve vohu" actually means "custard"   

       In other news, thanks to [DIYMatt], there now exists, on the Halfbakery, a speed bump bump.
mouseposture, Jan 07 2012

       I'm not sure why I bothered asking. I knew none of you would give me a straight answer.   

       That's why I love you guys. (If I weren't so allergic to emoticons, I'd do the smiley-face one. Or the smiley- winky-face. Where the hell is my epi pen?)
Alterother, Jan 07 2012

       "a speed bump bump", now that's funny.
blissmiss, Jan 08 2012

       an unmentioned feature of this marvel of civil engineering, is that it would constitute a nationwide strategic reserve of custard. Should the worst happen, we'll be OK for custard for a bit. A very comforting thought.
bs0u0155, Nov 19 2012

       Sadly I think that might require weaponised speed bumps.
xenzag, Jun 04 2017

       <sniggering and arm-flapping>
8th of 7, Jun 04 2017

       Since [Ian] posted that, this has been on my mind and the more I think about it, the more it seems like something which should be seriously proposed to someone. A speed bump on each end of a bridge, bearing in mind that there have now been two attacks on bridges, would seem to make sense.
nineteenthly, Jun 05 2017

       Bridges aren't designed to take the repetitive impact of 20-ton lorries bouncing over speed bumps all day
hippo, Jun 05 2017

       What's more, kamikaze drivers won't be worried about loosening their fillings, or bending the suspension of their rented or stolen vehicle. In WW2, jap pilots weren't noticeably concerned about the risk of airframe damage ...
8th of 7, Jun 05 2017

       Um, insensitive high explosive with a tantalum carbide shield maybe?
nineteenthly, Jun 05 2017

       There's no problem producing extremely insensitive H.E. ... Torpex has been around for decades, so need for a super-hard cover. Cast blocks of Ammonal would be cheap, safe and convenient.
8th of 7, Jun 05 2017

       Finally baked, mainly in Spain. [Link]
AusCan531, Jun 06 2017

       Whoa! Custard speed bump woman is pretty hot. (00:40)   

       Not at all like those conventional speed bump hags.
doctorremulac3, Jun 08 2017


       'bout time.   

       Excellent news!
pertinax, Jun 09 2017

       I came to this site many years ago with an idea: soft speedbumps that could be driven over easily and quietly at low speed but that would function as speed bumps at high speed. That day I learned terms like "marked for deletion" and "widely known to exist" and "check your spelling newbie" but still intrigued, I came back for more. That was almost 20 years ago. To celebrate my first idea posted here, I've taken a good poem and made it less so by changing the words.   

       I met a baker from a far off land who said—“Speed bumps like custard soft, my dreams of wealth, and great acclaim.”   

       Shattered though with posts of fury. Sarcastic cold like cutting blades tell this baker well what came before. For on those annos these words appear:   


       Nothing but the bones remain, of that colossal dream. Bun-less and barren, into the vast and endless history files. It fades into time.
doctorremulac3, Jul 18 2021

       + for poetry doctorremulac3.
++ for Ozymandias.
Check out my profile page for my poor attempt at it from some years ago!
DrBob, Jul 18 2021

       Well heck doc, yours is actually good! Maybe this should be another category.   

       (From DrBob’s page)   

       The Ravings of an Eedjit (Poem No.1)   

       I met a surfer from a half-baked site Who said: One croissant and a pile of bones Stand by my idea. And beneath, in harsh anno’s, half sunk, my shattered posting lies, whose prose And spelling poor, and mix of many tense Tell that its author was not well read. Which yet survive, writ on the world wide web, By pedants mocked and newbies shred; And on my posting these words appear: “We should use nanobots, and GM tech; Why can’t we all just learn to share?” Nothing beside remains. Round the decay of that vast WIBNI, heated and terse, The flames stretch down the page.
doctorremulac3, Jul 18 2021

       Thank'ee :)

It was originally posted as an idea but we went through a period where the 'bakery was being swamped in them, so I deleted my ones & moved them to my profile page.
DrBob, Jul 18 2021

       [riposte] marked himself as somehow British ("custard","mum","sleeping policeman") whereas I have never seen [doc] descend into Britishisms. Has the halfbakery somehow made him less British?
4and20, Jul 19 2021

       Maybe I'll put this up as a category, "Halfbakery Poems Based On Other Poems."   

       I seem to remember there are other instances of somebody taking a classic and "customizing" it to describe a Halfbakery aspect.   

       Eh, why not? I'll put it up. People can either throw their existing ones in or write new ones. I know we're got some very talented poets here. No, I'm not being sarcastic with that statements. Nor with that one.
doctorremulac3, Jul 19 2021

       These actually exist now (see last three links) - sadly none of the literature cites this idea as inspiration
hippo, Nov 06 2023

       // These actually exist now (last three links) //   

       I read those, but don't see how they meet the original idea criteria of bursting, marking the vehicle, or causing a fire. They all seem to take the timid and misguided notion of NOT causing damage.
a1, Nov 06 2023

       That's just marketing
pocmloc, Nov 06 2023


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