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halfbakery most active thread

Link to the most active threads on halfbakery
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Would be nice if there was a new view on halfbakery that showed where all the action was (which is not necessarily the latest postings, or the best postings), based on the freshness and volume of annotations.
ronan, May 24 2003


       spots irony.
po, May 24 2003

       anti... unrequited... love... drug...
johnmeacham, May 24 2003

po, May 24 2003

       Ah, ronan, suggester of the infamous +/- vote feature - we meet at last... Howdy.
thumbwax, May 24 2003

       Ah, kudos on the voting idea. However, I find the current system adequate. If an idea is annotated frequently it tends to remain toward the top of the frequent list. That works fine for me.
sambwiches, May 24 2003


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