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Halfbakery Metric System

Statistics fetishists rejoice
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As a guy who gets paid, in part, for doing data mining, I find my elf wondering about things like:

At what Greenwich Mean Time do most of the Halfbakery annotations happen ? The least ?

What is the busiest time for bakery veterans to be posting ?

What is the current number of posters with accounts less than two weeks old, and less than three ideas posted ?

What does the curve of all HB traffic look like from the start of time ? Does it resemble the profile of God ?

These and other things sometimes keep me awake at night.......Okay, I'll try to stay away from the custard before bed.

Is it possible / practical to automate the answers to these and other burning questions so as to produce a report at the touch of a button ? Not a back button, or a belly button, but.......

normzone, Feb 27 2004


       I've wondered this myself - I get the impression there are several peaklets depending on the location and timezone of the halfbakers. Is there an ideal time to post to maximise your exposure to UK, US and Australian bakers all at once? (Probably not due to the whole 24 hour time system, but you get the idea)
hazel, Feb 28 2004

       Hello. My name's st3f and I'm a statistoholic. 1 positive vote delivered at 1025GMT20040228 (Saturday).
st3f, Feb 28 2004

       everyone pushes off at lunchtime in UK except for moi, chained to her desk and its too early for USians - so I eat my sandwich alone <weeps>then you all come alive when I have sloped off to bed <its not fair!> <moan>
po, Feb 28 2004

       thought you spent two hours asleep!
po, Feb 28 2004

       I was looking for units of measurement, like the megacroissant and picofishbone. Of course, voting is perfecly quantized, so I guess units smaller than one don't count.
RayfordSteele, Feb 28 2004

       You can't quantify creativity anymore than you could legislate morality. How you extract and how you can extrapolate produces data that may not stand up to any test/retest reliability study... subjects respond differently when volunteering compliance.
no12pass, Feb 29 2004

       I'm pretty sure it's not about voyeurism.
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 01 2004

       This is clearly a way to schedule our lives completely around the Halfbakery, making sure we maximize the usefulness of wasting our time. +   

       Please include some sort of alert for surprise peak hours. "Honey, who's calling at 4am?" "That's my new HB phone alarm. I'll be right back." On second thought...
Worldgineer, Mar 01 2004


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