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Copymark Option

Press this button and the output is imprinted with "Copy".
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I'm not the most organized person on planet Earth, and making multiple photocopies frequently comes with my territory. Oh, it's not rocket science to write "copy" at the top of each page, but the operative word is "write" -- as in "writer's cramp".

That's why this $1 million dollar idea is a simple console button that imprints a text line on the top margin of scanned copy output. Press this button and the output is imprinted with "Copy". Helps us keep originals separate from duplicated paperwork.

reensure, Nov 12 2004


       They could even print "Copy 1" "Copy 2" "Copy 3" on successive packets, so you can keep track of where each copy ends up.
phundug, Nov 12 2004

       True. I hadn't considered variations of use for the template, such as "copy #" on each packet page or on page one of a collated packet.
reensure, Nov 14 2004

       how does the photocopier insert the word? and can i program it to say other words?
benfrost, Nov 15 2004

       I'll give a + for the idea, but in the meantime, you could take the simple approach:   

       Stick a post-it with the word "copy" to the original, before putting it on the photocopier.   

       Of course that doesn't give auto-numbering, and it could be a problem with the document sheet feeder (and would be a pain to put on every page of a multipage document). Hmm, maybe when using the sheet feeder, you could write on the back of the post it and stick it to the glass of the copier, so it would show up on each page. You might have to actually use a long strip of paper that goes all the way to the far right edge so that when the sheet feeder is pulling the new pages in, they don't get caught on the edge of the post-it. Or use a sharpie, to write "copy" directly on the glass (remember to write in mirror writing), then use some alcohol to clean it off when you're done.   

       How about a standalone product: clear films that can be put on top of the copier that have words like "copy", "confidential", "preliminary", etc. written in a large outline font.
scad mientist, Nov 15 2004

       Or, since the output of a copier is always a copy (by definition), why not load the copier tray with paper that is pre-printed with the word "copy" on it in any color you like. This way you'll never have to learn to write backwards or risk jamming your automatic sheet feeder.
jurist, Nov 15 2004

       [scad] "How about a standalone product?" Although I picture a clear film overlay with pixel art font, I like the way you think!
reensure, Nov 16 2004


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