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Cuckoo in the Copier

Instantaneous pre-printing
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The principle is to locate an o/p transparency on the copier-glass so it will leave its pre-prepared watermark, border-frame, monogram, logo, advertisement etc. on every page coming off each master placed on it. Applications and adaptations abound, such as . . .
rayfo, Jul 29 2000


       Your Uncle Nutsy used to work for a company that had "mattes" that would leave pre-prepared headers, footers, and sidebars for various classes of documents. Thing was, the mattes were too thick to allow you to use the automatic document handler, so every page had to be copied manually. Which sucked. They could definitely have used something like this.
Uncle Nutsy, Aug 02 2000

       I remember hearing a story somewhere about a vicious temp worker who was angry at the office. He took a few reams of paper and put them into the copy machine. Then he put a pen on the copy machine and copied it several hundred times and put the copies BACK into the copier. The copier repair man took a week taking the machine apart looking for some stray pen that fell inside the copier before he checked the paper... I may be a temp worker, but I swear that wasn't me. I swear!
lockle, Aug 30 2000

       Most digital copiers already have this functionality.   

       Putting it in the glass allows it to be circumvented if the copier supports scaling, shifting, different paper sizes or aspects.
snowfox, Dec 12 2000

       Thanks for the info. and for the "random" feature by which you probably found me. "Always a learner" ...
rayfo, Dec 12 2000

       As stated, this is mostly baked. And putting the applique on the glass would *not* allow it to be circumvented, if placed correctly.
phoenix, Dec 06 2001


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