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a form of poetry which distills the essence of a haiku
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much can be done with little. we need a new branch of poetry dealing with elemental minimalism.


An old pond
a frog jumps in
Sound of water

water sound frog

The sores on my feet
heal faster cause i washed them
2 days in a row

feet wash heal

gnormal, Mar 10 2001

? http://sites.netsca...poetry/1_breath.htm
[Monkfish, Mar 10 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

plop viola http://www.thing.ne...bpnichol/bpaf08.htm
excellent links off of here! search "visual poetry"! [gnormal, Mar 10 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       For your first example...

Frog jumps. Plop!

...is a better distillation. I can't think about the sores on your feet without severe mental discomfort however.
DrBob, Mar 10 2001


Scented snow-white froth
Glides away on wings of water
Until it is replaced

Lather rinse repeat

       No, I don't think so.
Uncle Nutsy, Mar 13 2001

       Waug: The "frog" example fails to fit Haiku meter because it's a translation from the Japanese. (In fact, it's one of the most popular haikus in Japan.)   

       And at any rate, strict adherence to the 5-7-5 rule isn't considered as important as the *semantic* constraints of Haiku (a mention of the season, a point at which the subject suddenly changes, etc.) - at least, not for haiku written in languages other than Japanese, which tend to count syllables differently anyway.
baf, Jul 14 2001

       passify the poetry
the spirit quantified
the sum given
AntHill, Jul 14 2001

       HALF FOOD
gnormal, Sep 07 2001


       I have no concerns
I am free from strife and sorrow
Perhaps I'm not sane


       What? Me worry?
phoenix, Sep 07 2001


       Red, orange, yellow
I live for a tomorrow
that doesn't exist.
dig, Jan 16 2003

       ok, lemme try this... since i'm a not so widely published (one poem, one book...) poet more concerned with thermodynamic efficiency than rhyme.. oh hey, a topic for a poem!   

       My 'ku Inlet compression gives rise to air's energy the sky burns again   

       Higher Coo: move, burn, move faster.   

       Higher_ku: whoosh, crackle, roar.   

       higher.ku: who.os.h,.cra.ckle.ro.ar.   

       higher.ku.jp http://ibuildramjetsthatgofastandhigh.co.jp   

       i think i get it. wow, what a powerful not so new form of poetic expression. Ah, yes, the co.jp refers to the idea being a minimalistic form similar to japanese haiku. Had I been more elaborate in the writing of that conceptualization, i would have chosen a country domain appropriate to the style of the message. Anyhow, enjoy, and i shall sleep well knowing the internet is further polluted by my grandoise ideas... Achooo!
Orionblade, May 05 2003


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