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horn equipped traffic lights

Traffic lights with built-in car horn
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Traffic lights could be equipped with a car horn that sounds immediately when the lights switch to green. This would save irate drivers from honking milliseconds after the light change. You could equip them with a timer that only lets the horn go off between, say 8 am and 9pm in residential areas.
liquidx, Sep 19 2001

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       Automatic road rage provokation device.
jabbers, Sep 19 2001

       Not a bad idea, pedestrian crossings have to be fitted with either an audible or tactile signal these days for the benefit of the visually impaired. This isn't done for traffic signals as you're not allowed to drive if you're visually impaired, but this doesn't take into account the fact that you might just be looking at something else. At major junctions it might cause confusion as to where the noise was coming from, as well as the annoyance of constant hornage. What about a detector on the signal post that senses if the first car hasn't moved when the light turns green, and then honks. Or maybe it could have a robotic arm that comes down and taps on your windscreen, then points at the green light.
stupop, Sep 19 2001

       Why not, instead of a car horn sound, have some other sound. Take for example, the meldious fog horn. Or, use a klaxon to wake the driver out of a stupifing trance. Or, in The States have a British police car sound (aptly described in "Wag the Dog" as wee-waas) and in the UK have american sounding alarms. I think the car horn sound would just add to the road rage and confusion. I know when I hear a horn I look to see who is doing the honking and to see if that person is honking at me. Otherwise, good idea.
barnzenen, Sep 19 2001

       I would yell automatically at the robotic arm - no, I really do not want my screen washed !!!!!
po, Sep 19 2001

       What about making a sound inside the car itself, thereby not disturbing people on the outside and making sure the driver knows that it is them who is being reminded to move. Or, you could have mechanical arms (as suggested by Blissmiss) but they come out of the side of your car seat and give you a short burst of tickling to get you into action.
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 20 2001

       An irritated voice could cut in on your radio, "Whaddya waiting for dumbf*ck?!"
stupop, Sep 20 2001

       Distraction for neighbouring buildings, addition to noise pollution. [Fishboned.]
andrewm, Feb 27 2003

       Alternatively, you could pay attention...
Even at the red lights.
ato_de, Feb 28 2003


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