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email an image to host. reply contains url for image.
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if i want to share an image with, for example, you all, i must ftp it somewhere, or login and upload it to an account on an image hosting service such as zing.com.

i would like to email it anonymously to a static address like submit@host-a-post.com, and get an email reply a minute later that gives me a url i can paste to all.

gnormal, Apr 13 2001

image hosting http://www.google.c...%22image+hosting%22
Not quite as "one click" as you describe, but a very similar and very common service, generally used for auction listings. Sometimes free, sometimes pay, sometimes comes with ads. [egnor, Apr 13 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

QuickTopic.com http://www.quicktopic.com
for those that havent noticed, i (like everyone ought to be) am a huge fan of this, the "preposterously easy" (no signup!) model. [gnormal, Apr 13 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) ACDSee "SendPix" feature http://www2.sendpix...100e91e90001801685/
i am not sure how long they host your sent-pix though... [gnormal, Apr 13 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

I think they've baked it. http://www.fotolog.net/
[futurebird, Oct 04 2004]


       YES YES YES!!
absterge, Apr 13 2001

       This sounds like a great idea, especially for use with a forum like this. The only thing I would wonder is if many people in the general population would use it... I would think most people, if bothering to email an image anywhere, would just email it to all the people they wanted to share it with. But then, I suppose the general population, emailing their photos of Aunt Agnus at the family picnic, probably isn't the target audience.
PotatoStew, Apr 13 2001

       of course supported by sporting banners. you are probably right about the general population not getting it/using it. but- it could be wrapped (the simple process) in a simple "service".   

       example sender service- email image (or any attachment) to submit@picturepig (fantastic) and in the body simply paste your friends' email addresses delimited by spaces or c/r. The Pig will automatically email these folks with the resulting url.   

       example receiver service- the url notification email is in html, automatically displaying the image inline. the gen-pop users dont even realize that the image wasnt strictly emailed to them, they just see it.   

       helps cut down on bandwidth waste since many receivers dont even want the attachment. (i recently got a 12mb party invitation in powerpoint!) files persist for a week, or for a buck a month, from month to month.   

       the main problem is the liability of hosting unknown content from anonymous users. i dont know if there's an easy way around that.
gnormal, Apr 13 2001

       how about "thefridgedoor.com"?   

       (fridgedoor.com was already taken.)
mihali, Apr 13 2001

       Wow, that was quite an orgasm absterge had. The idea of sharing images amongst ourselves was the main impetus for me posting a *halfbaked chat now online* - BTW for which I don't even bother providing a link to said chat/image post for anymore, as it never got off the ground. This is a very good strategy you indicate, save for the anonymous nasty business. That said, in its infancy- Is it possible to build a page for the halfbakers and halfbakers only, such as YahooGroups-the easy way-(or modelled after YG to some extent-the proprietary way) which doesn't have popups, has a reasonably good interface and to which you can insert pictures? If you post an item by email, you know you just did. In my case, The 'newsletter' arrives every 24 hours to my email-perhaps others have immediate notifications if recent postings have been made.
thumbwax, Apr 13 2001

       //Wow, that was quite an orgasm absterge had.//   

       Actually, the "Yes! Yes! Yes! Vote" IS also known as "The Orgasm Vote", so that's correct.
iuvare, Apr 13 2001

       gnormal: of course there would be spam, and inappropriate/illegal images, but if you let users set up accounts, the admin could disable them. also, you could force users to skim over and agree to the Terms of Service, in which would have the disclaimer, or as we've come to know it, the "ass-saver". one would be as liable as say geocities. any and all abuse could be reported to the proper authorities.
drch, Apr 14 2001

       finding that something's been baked is the sincerest form of selflattery. see link.   

       impressively, it is almost exactly as i imagined host-a-post. the difference is, the image is emailed out from within ACDSee, the third party image cataloger. except that i cant email the image from my favorite email program, its works very nicely.   

       absterge, please wash up.
gnormal, Apr 19 2001

       see updated link
gnormal, Apr 19 2001

       *ahem*... yes, well, that was quite a vote I cast, I suppose... But I'm all for simplifying the 'put a picture in a shareable spot and tell people about it' process. It'd be nice if they could do some creative DNSing and have the urls be memorable, too. i.e., '...abs.picturepig.com/familypicnic.jpg' or some such.
absterge, Apr 19 2001

       i dont either. id rather do it from email. but they did bake it nicely. cant blame them for using such a great idea to sell their picture viewer.   

       you just rightclick an image, choose sendpix, and it gives a little emailike interfac- from, to, subject, and place to add a message.   

       maybe there is a work around. can some program watch my smtp port when i click OK, and see where and how it sends the picture?
gnormal, Apr 20 2001

       Well, I work for a web development company, sounds good, I will make it so!
filterX, Dec 10 2002


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