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iPhone Shuffle

I just called to say...
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Do you feel like you live in a world of strangers? Has it been several days since you've spoken with anyone you know? Then perhaps the iPhone Shuffle is right for you.

The iPhone Shuffle is a mobile telecommunications device that syncs with the personal contact list on your home computer. The device has no screen, or numeric keypad. Simply press the "Call" button, and it will randomly connect you with a contact on your list.

Part of the "fun factor" is that the device will not provide any feedback to show whom you are calling. You must use the voice of the party at the other end to deduce who you just called. Also, if you have a short contact list, you may find yourself calling somebody you have spoken with in the past day or so. In that case, you get to be creative in coming up with a motivation/topic for the call.

The device will also accept incoming calls, include a VGA still image camera, and syncs with iTunes to store your favorite songs and podcasts.

The original concept was proposed by a friend outside the bakery who expressed no desire to post it here or any other public forum.

ed, Jan 10 2007

iPhone http://www.apple.com/iphone/
by Apple, Inc [ed, Jan 10 2007]

iPod Shuffle http://www.apple.com/ipodshuffle/
by Apple, Inc [ed, Jan 10 2007]


       [21 Quest], it's funny. laugh.
xaviergisz, Jan 11 2007

       Excellent work, [ed] (or [ed] collaborator).
Jinbish, Jan 11 2007

       Maybe you could have it call the people you hang out with more often than the people you don't. My itunes tends to do that with music.
quantum_flux, Nov 18 2007

       So, this randomly calls people? Nice. Gives you a bit of a thrill. Of course, a random call to me usually ends in pain and loss of electronics. For the caller. So, if it lands on me, it's game over.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 18 2007


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