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vintage calculators with a cheat'n heart...
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Looks like an unassuming ti-82, or ti-2500, but when you press those classic chunky buttons, a little silicone nubby thing underneath presses your iPhone or ipod Touch (or similar) hidden inside. The calculator display is an empty window.

iAce is a .99 cent app which is specially designed to work with the whole line of vintage calculator sheaths. It runs a powerful computer algebra system. It can do symbolic integration and symbolic manipulation of complex physics equations involving multiple variables. Utilizing server side execution, it calculates with extreme speed. Of course it also lets your friends with iAce collaborate on tests.

makes a good case too!!!

fishboner, Jan 09 2010

Casio OH-7700g http://cdecas.free....s/pocket/oh7700.php
exception: infact, you would wish you could do this with iphone! [kamathln, Jul 04 2010]


       Nice. I reckon the TI-85 was the better device.
(I've still got mine.)
Jinbish, Jan 09 2010

       The iPhone's accelerometers could be used to simulate dodgy electronics - e.g. if you knock your 'calculator' on the desk, the display flickers.
hippo, Jan 09 2010

       [hippo] that sounds like a great detail, but also a nice feature for the iPhone to subconciously send the message to be more gentle.
fishboner, Jan 09 2010

       This would be a slight exception, you would wish you could use the iphone this way! [check linky abt OH-7700g]
kamathln, Jul 04 2010


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