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ice-cream snow machine…

…for people of all ages
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apparently making snow is a complicated and expensive business and usually involves large amounts of snow; for ski slopes or film production whatever.

the ice-cream snow machine would be much cheaper, simpler and less technical but a lot more fun.

take a whole heap of ice-cream and link it up to some kind of blowing machine; perhaps an airless snow gun. these use simple nozzles like household spray bottles that turn the ice-cream mixture into a fine mist. obviously the party venue will have to be pretty cold but with a few gin & tonics…

po, Aug 24 2004

Growing your own snow crystals http://www.its.calt...s/design/design.htm
Tricky. [jutta, Oct 05 2004]

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       And where do we add the hot fudge sprinklers, not to mention the cherry cannons and peanut pumps. All required to create the ultimate sundae. Have a bun.
ayt, Aug 24 2004

       If only I could give you 20 croissants instead of one...[po], you have successfully integrated two of the best stuff on earth (ice cream and gin) into one fun, kick-ass party. Anything that involves those two things and snow machines gets my vote.
Machiavelli, Aug 24 2004

       "Would you like a Flake with that, Love?"
Happy 6th Birthday/2 by the way.
gnomethang, Aug 24 2004

       “I’d like a shot of margarita sherbet.”
FarmerJohn, Aug 24 2004

       lets party!
po, Aug 24 2004

       \\complicated and expesive\\ actually, not really. My brother used to work at a ski hill making snow, all it takes is a water hose, and a powerful air compressor to blast the crap out of the water, making snow.   

       However I like to eat ice cream more then snow, so bun+
swimr, Aug 24 2004

       hey swimr, you need to freeze all that water - that takes energy. even I know that! oh perhaps you live in the antarctic...
po, Aug 24 2004

       or Canada, meh close enough
swimr, Aug 24 2004

       you are holding your globe upside down. how many girls have said *that* to you?
po, Aug 24 2004

       ummmm, sticky....[po] I guess I am just OCD enough that the first thing I think of with blown ice cream is what a mess to clean up. I need a vacation.
dentworth, Aug 24 2004


       blimey, whatever that is - its not worth the cool sensual slimey feel of people partying...hey who ate my cone?   

       dent, darling - its my 6th... don't think much of yours btw...
po, Aug 24 2004

       Obsessive compulsive disorder, I think *clean up* before I can have fun...   

       what of mine don't you think much of?   

       *update*.. Po says its my fella, she doesn't want to share. then I accuse her of being drunk then she deletes my accusation. then she passes out..*update*
dentworth, Aug 24 2004

       I'd blame the gin.
Worldgineer, Aug 24 2004

       I've been looking into making really soft snow, the kind made with real snow flakes, not chips of ice. It's tricky -- you'd be trying to condense liquid vapor, not freeze pieces of ice. (See link for the best explanation I found.) The outcome wouldn't be party / alcohol fodder but ridiculously refined restaurant specialty. There's room for investigating combinations with flavorful crystallization seeds, like vanilla on small specks of cinnamon dust.
jutta, Aug 24 2004

       Leave it to [po] to figure out how to get a whole mountain sticky and sweet. +
sartep, Aug 24 2004


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