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new immigration policy
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ok, here's my idea. a method is devised to calculate the worth of an individual, not just in money terms, but what he or she contributes to society overall. in my opinion, the highest ranking people would be teachers, nurses and the like. in the middle somewhere would be the homeless guy who washes my windshield on mass ave in boston every few nights. the very bottom would be, of course, personal injury lawyers. consider this idea using your own criteria... someone in another country wants to come to america. a value is assigned to that person using the same method applied to people who are already here. if the prospective immigrant ranks below the lowest person here, everyone stays put. if he ranks higher, he is admitted and our lowest ranking person is expelled. i think this is a great way to deal with our homegrown wretched refuse. comments?
kllrloop, Feb 18 2004

Emigrate to Australia http://www.immi.gov...cts/08abolition.htm
[jurist, Oct 17 2004]


       //i think this is a great way to deal with our homegrown wretched refuse//   

Detly, Feb 18 2004

       Even Australia's immigration policy towards Yanks is slightly less draconian than this. Though not by much.
jurist, Feb 19 2004

       I am the only one who has noticed the number of bad ideas which start with the phrase //ok, here's my idea//?
Fishrat, Feb 19 2004

       true that fishrat...
morbiddesire, Feb 19 2004

       Personal Injury Lawyers are the scum of the earth because they provide a service that allows those who have come to harm as a result of the behaviour or negligence of another, to get some sort of recompense for their losses.   

       The clients, who, femtoseconds before their slack jaws hit the pavements, have dollar bill signs flashing before their eyes - the individuals who see the harm they've suffered as an opportunity to get rich, to make a *profit* - these people aren't to blame. Their greed is in no way to blame. Because, y'know, lawyers can hijack a person who has suffered an injury and *drag* them into court, use their case as a means to get themselves money. Lawyers, you see, can act for a client without instruction.   

       Oh no, that's right. They can't. Which, if you think about it, means that perhaps the blame for the proliferation of personal injury actions rests more squarely with those demanding the service than those dealing with supply.
calum, Feb 19 2004

       //Though not by much.//   

       *They're* the ones who locked up Molly Meldrum, and shipped him back pronto. And let's not forget that bastion of Australian journalism, Sue Smethurst, the editor of New Idea.   

       [calum] - that's reasonable, but also remember that the lawyers are the ones who insist that the law be followed to the letter, not the spirit.
Detly, Feb 19 2004

       Well, running a firm with an inchoate, entirely subjective concept (over which *no-one* can agree) as your guiding philosophy would result in the head-in-clouds legal practitioner coming up against his or her Law Society pretty quickly. Without the certainty that the following the letter of the law provides, it would be near impossible to function.
calum, Feb 19 2004

       Because the judiciary are too stupid to understand the distinctions.
Oh, did I just say that out loud?
calum, Feb 19 2004

       How do you rate children, pensioners, general desk monkeys, actually anyone? Who decides on the rating system? Absolute load of bollocks. And really, where are you sending all the useless americans to? We don't want 'em all, there's millions of the buggers.
squeak, Feb 19 2004

       Why would teachers be at the top of the list ?, the service and individual teacher provides is minimal at best.   

       I'm pretty sure that Mayor's, CEO's and exec's in general would top the list. They ensure you get very important things like clean drinking water, food, fuel and most all consumer products.   

       I can learn from a text book and a mentor to ask questions, just fine.
SystemAdmin, Feb 19 2004

       True enough, move them to the top of the list then, because that's truely very important.
SystemAdmin, Feb 19 2004


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