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graphite tooth

Replaces golden teeth.
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These new graphite teeth are lighter faster, come in a wide variety of colors and styles. New trendy prosthetic is not of much use, but will surely be what is needed by those of us with gold teeth, or those of us seeking artificial teeth. Good for hygenical gain or social gain.
jon, May 25 2000


       And if you forget a pencil...
StarChaser, May 25 2000

       Do you mean pure graphite, as in pencil leads, or graphite-epoxy as in high-tech golf clubs? The former has obvious disadvantages, except for SC's application... (and yes I know pencil leads include clay and so are not technically "pure").
rmutt, Jun 05 2000

       A problem with gold toofies is that the dental amalgam contains mercury, and there is worry about the amalgam no longer containing it, letting it get into you.   

       Would be really hard to write with your teeth anyway...too hard to see. Then again, there's always your eyeteeth...
StarChaser, Jun 06 2000

       It is my understanding that gold teeth do NOT use amalgam; that's what the silvery-looking ones are made of. I was pissed off when I got my fillings to find out afterwards that the dentist had used amalgam for some of them; I thought that barbaric practice should have been banned by now. I'm told that even though they have mercury content, it is believed to be less dangerous to leave them in place until they fall out or *must* be removed, than to have them removed now.   

       When you see products that brag that they are endorsed by the ADA, you should bear in mind that the entire reason the ADA was founded was to promote the use of amalgam fillings, despite the public's concern over the use of mercury.
brouhaha, Jun 16 2000

       Hmm. I was under the impression that gold fillings had mercury in them too, although not as much as amalgam. A web search doesn't turn up much, but that little says 'no'. I thought it HAD been banned, or at least much in the way of uproar made...evidently not, tho. I'd be pissed too...
StarChaser, Jun 16 2000, last modified Jun 17 2000


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