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Inflatable Teeth

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Let's face it - dentures can cost a fortune. These teeth are cheap, replaceable and soft to the touch. Small string ties fasten them to your upper or lower gums, and with a quick blow into the nozzle, they may be inflated to their proper size - ready for a night on the town.

Care may be required if chewing on hard items during meals, as these teeth are strictly for cosmetic purposes. Inflatable Teeth patching kits are sold separately.

benfrost, Jun 18 2005


       You're on a roll tonight, [benfrost]. In the words of Arnold Rimmer: "Benfrost, have you been at the marijuana gin again?"
Detly, Jun 18 2005

       [+] For the annoying squeaking sound you can make when grinding your teeth.
wagster, Jun 18 2005

       Could you twang your top teeth with your bottom teeth and make them go 'badubbadubbadubbadubba'?
Basepair, Jun 18 2005

       You're in a bar chatting up a hot chick. Everything seems to be going well, then one of her teeth explodes .. the one next to it starts to deflate .. disturbing.   

       Funny idea though :D
kuupuuluu, Jun 18 2005

       There has to be a pun here involving blow-jobs.
Basepair, Jun 18 2005

       In the past three months, I've had so much stress that my jaw is completely tense while I sleep... costing me three broken teeth. These inflatable ones will be a good option for me in a couple years. :(
Pericles, Jun 19 2005

       Sure why not. +   

       Yow, Pericles, I hope this is temporary stress.
sartep, Jun 19 2005

       [Pericles] - a mouthguard might help. Of course, a visit to the dentist wouldn't hurt... er... be a bad thing, either. :)
Detly, Jun 19 2005

       There aren't many jobs/people/things in life worth getting *that* stressed about. Hope it resolves itself, soon.
wagster, Jun 19 2005

       [Pericles] What ever happened to mañana?
FarmerJohn, Jun 19 2005

       True, [UB].   

       You're also right [wags]. I hope this stressed life of mine won't continue being so for much longer. I just have to save some money to move to another country, where the job I do is still fun but less stressing ang better paid.   

       Thanks [Detly] and [sartep]. I went to the dentist when I swallowed a piece of tooth, and this was how I found out that two more were broken without me even noticing. Of course, the mouthguard is not part of my night ritual. Not too sexy, but very useful; I was now getting more stressed before going to bed just from knowing that I could break more of my teeth.
Pericles, Jun 19 2005

       It should be possible to design these so that they squeak.
bungston, Jun 21 2005

       or make rude farting sounds much like a whoopee cushion as you chew on a bit of beef jerky/chicken leg etc
benfrost, Jun 21 2005

       I remember "eat your teeth" or something which was quite sensible but whoopy teeth is funny
The Kat, Jun 21 2005


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