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"Fluoro-Brite" Teeth

The Next Phase in Bright Smiles
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Attention Hollywood Stars!

Dentists can now give even ordinary people a brilliant Hollywood smile - so how to leap-frog the brightness stakes?

We have the answer for you: have your teeth replaced with "Fluoro-Brite" Teeth!

Each tooth is a marvel of modern technology: A clear hollow implant, with what is effectively a miniature fluorescent bulb inside it!

Powered by a discreet battery pack on your belt or dress (like those wireless microphones), the double-insulated wiring is within your jaw and is almost completely safe, but more importantly; invisible to the camera!

Get your people to talk to our people Now!

(Can also be used to signal Navy ships.)

philmckraken, Jul 05 2004


       Think of the fun you could have by selectively jamming individual teeth, make the gap in Madonna’s front teeth even larger, have teeth randomly strobe obscene messages in Morris code, etc.
ayt, Jul 06 2004

       I wonder if Morris code is what Morris dancers use to communicate?
bungston, Jul 06 2004


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