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jornal diário / dagelijks krant / el periódico diario

foreign language daily newspapers or supplements (free) in English newspapers. (American too, if you like)
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I often pick up a copy of an American newspaper (Herald Tribune, I think it is) because it is interesting and informative to read the daily news from the perspective of another country, and more importantly, it is written in English. you can buy foreign language papers here but my linguistic abilities are feeble and even my French is minimal. the English are infamous in their laziness in learning languages.

daily newspapers might find that their customers would enjoy a sample of other nations’ daily newspapers translated into English as a supplement to the normal pages. it may be that it works as an exchange scheme, in that the other nation’s newspaper swaps with a sample translation of some of our news / features / cartoons. possibly ringing the changes with nationalities / languages on a daily or weekly basis.

would it be feasible to twin with other newspapers with similar content to its own e.g. the financial times could produce supplements of foreign newspapers that have a financial bias.

po, Jun 17 2003

Only foreign papers http://www.halfbake...foreign_20papers_2e
[DrCurry, Oct 05 2004]

German example http://www.taz.de/p...06/18/a0147.nf/text
This is fairly common in German newspapers [kevindimie, Oct 05 2004]

Le Monde through the eyes of Google http://translate.go...DUTF-8%26safe%3Doff
The internet is such a wonderful place. Ok, not perfect, yet wonderful none the less. [Worldgineer, Oct 05 2004]

whenever I think of the local paper equivalent, I keep thinking of this. http://www.sjsu.edu.../english/cloche.htm
[po, Oct 05 2004]

The Framley Examiner http://www.framleye...pages/new_menu.html
is the best local newspaper in the world. [my face your, Oct 05 2004]

World Press Review http://www.worldpress.org/
BAKED, but not free and slow to translate [tharsaile, Oct 05 2004]


       I sometimes wonder if the non-english world is a completely different place. Perhaps if I had studied more and could speak another language fluently (BTW: Americans are far worse at this than even you brits), I wouldn't have to wonder. Of course if this existed I'd just wonder if the there was just a translater conspiricy with the purpose of keeping us english-only speakers in the dark.
Worldgineer, Jun 17 2003

       Didn't someone suggest it before? Oh, no - it was dare99's rather extreme solution to the same problem.   

       I like to watch the BBC World and Irish news programs on TV; gives a much more balanced perspective (and the British reporters are attack dogs when it comes to politicians, refusing to let them bullshit).
DrCurry, Jun 17 2003

       This is baked in Germany. Let me see if I can find an example. Of course, you'd have to be able to read German.
kevindimie, Jun 17 2003

       I like this idea a lot. I am somewhat ashamed that I am limited to speaking English (something I hope to remedy in time). The idea would give an incentive to learn about other languages.   

       [po]: Are the language supplements authored by foreign sources - or native authors translated? For the same reason as [Worldgineer]'s anno, I'd prefer the former.   

       Slightly different note. Whenever there is Scottish football on the telly, I try and listen to the English commentary.
Jinbish, Jun 17 2003

       I imagine a paper e.g. le monde having an arrangement with whatever sister paper they prefer; The Independent or Grauniad (Guardian - UK in-joke <g>) perhaps. translations from French by the French - English by the British.   

       local papers might provide hours of entertainment too, come to think of it.
po, Jun 17 2003

       [Worldgineer]: Impressively good, that link you posted. The problem with these internet translation applications is that they tend to translate word-for-word, then reconstruct a sentence around the translated words. It seems to work ok with that French example. However, I tried it with a German page and it was barely readable. They are getting better, though. I wonder how it works for other languages.
kevindimie, Jun 17 2003

       When I traveled to Italy I used the google translation pages to help me find hotels out in the middle of nowhere where little english is spoken (I learned enough Italian to get by). Don't know how I would have done this in the days before the Internet.
Worldgineer, Jun 17 2003

       Very cool.
kevindimie, Jun 17 2003

       what kevin said.
po, Jun 17 2003

       Like an electronic babelfish. Stick it in your ear and you understand everything.
kevindimie, Jun 17 2003

       A couple of years ago the Grauniad used to do a weekly section called The Editor (unusually spelled correctly ;) that had a section on how newspapers in other countries had reported on UK stories. Given that I only buy the Grauniad on holidays or on train trips into London, I don't know whether it still does it.
PeterSilly, Jun 17 2003

       hey Silly. whats the Sport view on this?
po, Jun 17 2003

       They're too busy checking out the beaches in Australia and Brazil.
PeterSilly, Jun 17 2003

po, Jun 17 2003

       lovely idea [po].

Sometimes I wish I could remember any of the spanish that I learnt, its amazing how little recollection of the language I have considering I passed my GCSE in it only last year.
kaz, Jun 17 2003

       //I imagine a paper e.g. le monde having an arrangement with whatever sister paper they prefer; The Independent or Grauniad (Guardian - UK in-joke <g>) perhaps. translations from French by the French - English by the British//   

       Baked, le Monde has a 12 page english language supplement reprinted from (I think) the New York Times every week
cevilthedevil, Jun 18 2003

       so who will translate from the American for me <grin>
po, Jun 18 2003

       Je peux, je crois... <g>
k_sra, Jun 18 2003

       Read me a Story. Miss Po?!
The Kat, Jun 18 2003

       The Gauraraidian´s Editor newspaper is alive and well and very good thank you very much. All the news of the week, without the hideous Amerocentric slant of "newsmagazines" like Time.
my face your, Jun 18 2003

       While the state of news journalism in the U.S. is nothing to brag about, neither is the state of news journalism in U.K.
snarfyguy, Jun 18 2003

       B.B.C.? which of our papers do you read regularly then? snarfy? - anyway its news from other countries / languages I am after...   

       kat - what sorta story? am 4 cats mad already - can do without a 5th.
po, Jun 18 2003

       The non-english world is indeed a completely different place, worldgineer, but it's not the ignorance of a second language what limits the english speaker population. It's the lack of real interest and bias, I think. That is why I like this idea so much (by the way, congratulations [po]).   

       I think people is afraid of what they don't know. I lived in the Czech Republic for a little while, not knowing the language, and the english suplements of journals help me fit in and understand the local people's perspective of the place we were living in.   

       Plus, it's never too late to learn a language! It's easier than most people think and, believe me, it's very rewarding.
Pericles, Jun 18 2003

       Yo lo aprecio mucho, pericles.
po, Jun 18 2003

       El placer es mío, po.
Pericles, Jun 18 2003

       usted es agradable, Pericles.   

       whats email in spanish?
po, Jun 18 2003

       My guess is: email. Peri?
Worldgineer, Jun 18 2003

       Spanish sometimes say "emilio". This is rather baked in European countries (in fact, the Guaridiain sometimes prints articles from El Mundo and Le Monde, and vice versa).
git, Jun 18 2003

       u r agradable, world 2 :)
po, Jun 18 2003

       gracias, po.
Worldgineer, Jun 18 2003

       I don't think that many editors would allow the supplements in their papers. Viewpoints on world events are often completely opposite the propoganda presented in the western world's mainstream press.   

       As well, alternative media already fills the gap left by this one-sided view. One just has to seek it out and they'll find plenty of sources.   

       Nevertheless, you get a bun. Anything that increases world awareness is a Good Thing.
rapid transit, Jun 18 2003

       Kinda baked in Japan. The Daily Yomiuri here runs a weekly feature where it incorporates a page from another newspaper - usually American. It is fun to see a little bit of the Washington Post, or the Chicago Sun every once in a while. It is also cool that they maintain the look and feel of the page. I haven't seen any languages other than English, though.
EvilHomer, Jun 19 2003

       Don't know if snarfyguy was talkin' to me, but The Editor is composed of news reporting from other (i.e. foreign) newspapers. It is now sold separately from The Guarardian proper.
Later: bought the International Edition of the Gaururuauandian while abroad - it had a wee "The Editor" section in it.
my face your, Jun 19 2003

       The Independent does this (on Saturdays, I think) - has leader articles from a number of European papers translated.
whimsickle, Jun 19 2003

       The Gruaniad Weekly (printed on bog roll) for us expats contains much from the Washington Post and le Monde. Mind you it's just as boring and sanctimonious as the UK daily edition.
Gordon Comstock, Jun 19 2003

       [Wordgineer], you are right. Email is one of those recently invented words/concepts that are internationally correct(like "clone", "internet", "virtual", etc) . However, "emilio" is right for spanish people. Here in México we just call it "mail".   

       [po], you are nice too! ¿Dónde aprendiste español?
Pericles, Jun 19 2003

       Pericles, yes! Dipsy is my best friend and I like custard. please mail me $500 dollars for my mother's operation.
po, Jun 19 2003

       Did I say? That I don't read much.
The Kat, Jun 20 2003

       Check out my link to World Press Review magazine. I used to have a subscription. They've got articles from Germany, Japan, Zimbabwe, Australia...you name it. All articles from non-English-speaking countries are professionally translated into English. Unfortuanately, it just takes them too long to translate, so the news is always about a month old.   

       The political cartoons from around the world are great, though.
tharsaile, Jul 07 2003

       I like it. It must have lost all it's votes in the crash.
normzone, Aug 10 2007

       //Comparing different senses of humour via each nation's funny pages //   

       Ah... didn't the Danes try something like this recently, with unfortunate results? But [+] for the main idea.
pertinax, Aug 12 2007


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