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The majority is not always right.
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A news station that always takes the unpopular side of a story, regardless of significance.

Terrorists attack? Misunderstood foreigners desperately make political statement.

Man convicted of murder? Man framed for murder.

The point is to equal out the news bias by making sure all perspectives are heard, regardless of what it might be. By providing often blatently "wrong" opinions, it forces viewers to formulate their own opinions.

It also delivers a healthy poke of satire to those who only choose popular opinions.

Aq_Bi, Aug 04 2005

(?) LINK TV http://www.worldlinktv.org/
It shows different world viewpoints. [Zimmy, Aug 05 2005]

(?) Aljazeera http://english.aljazeera.net/HomePage
Offers a different perspective to say, Fox. [zen_tom, Aug 05 2005]


       And, of course, they'd have to report the good things in a negative light. Man found innocent of fraud? Guilty man set free via crooked lawyer. Record donations to charity thanks to advertising campaign? Charity uses fake information to decieve the public and play on their sympathies.   

       And so on.   

gisho, Aug 05 2005

       You'd like the LINK channel.
Zimmy, Aug 05 2005

       You don't get the BBC?
theircompetitor, Aug 05 2005

       theircompetitor beat me to the punch on this one. I think the BBC's pretty much baked this idea in spades.   

       "Iraqi freedomn fighters blow up Muslims in town square to save them from American imperialism."
doctorremulac3, Aug 05 2005

       [tc], I am agog; is there a perception that the Beeb has an anti-War bias?
calum, Aug 05 2005

       That’s the main reason I watch the BBC – a different bias. Same reason I read Al-Jazeera.
Shz, Aug 05 2005


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