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keyboard cleaning gloves

gloves what clean as you type...
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lightweight comfortable gloves impregnated with cleaning fluid (and handcream) allows you to valet your keyboard as you type. simples!
po, Aug 11 2009

Like these. But betterer. http://agomax.manuf...-Cleaning-Glove.htm
Standard, rub of the mill cleaning gloves.
[Jinbish, Aug 11 2009]

Specialist touch-typing gloves http://ancient.manu...08048652/Gloves.htm
Let's see your words per minute in these babies! [Jinbish, Aug 11 2009]

Dilbert's towel philosophy http://furrowed-bro...dom-of-dilbert.html
Only tangentially related, but I thought I'd post it anyway. [Gamma48, Aug 12 2009]


       A few things:
Are they antistatic? (For getting into those nooks and crannies)
Wouldn't you have to type "TheQuickbrownfoxjumpsover thelazydog 11223344556677889900--=+!,?
Dub, Aug 11 2009


       P.S. I think you should conclude all of your ideas with 'simples!' from now on. (Don't forget to suck your teeth!)
Jinbish, Aug 11 2009

       how do you spell that kiss your teeth thingy?   

       I think its quite possible that MRSA, bird flu & swine flu all originated from keyboard mutants (possibly my keyboard mutants)   

       those mitts are laugh out loud funny. perhaps I should rename the idea mutant mitts.
po, Aug 11 2009

       they're probably disposable - might last a few days...   

       //squeezed out, rinsed, and re-impregnated // oooh you are awful but I like you!
po, Aug 11 2009

       //Wouldn't you have to type "TheQuickbrownfox..//
No, just type what you normally do. Your gloved fingers will hit the grimier keys more often than the not-so-grimy keys. Very Tao.
Gamma48, Aug 12 2009

po, Aug 12 2009

       //Wouldn't you have to type "TheQuickbrownfoxjumpsover thelazydog // - "TheQuickbrownfox..." is so last-century - now the cool pangram is "Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz".
hippo, Aug 12 2009

       ahem, is that a euphemism?
po, Aug 12 2009

       i v[E JUsFT tRI./ed This -Wii'th Vasal-i0ne @ MY H0AND k8eeps Slipp0ing!
skinflaps, Aug 12 2009

       He's back!!! Yahoooo!
xenzag, Aug 13 2009

       [[[waves]]] bored with twitter then? hee hee.
po, Aug 13 2009

       hmm? - I must try it
hippo, Aug 13 2009

       Could be soothing after a hot curry? I've heard of people keeping toilet paper in the fridge for just that purpose.   

       Oh, you mean you must try *twitter*?!
zen_tom, Aug 13 2009

       I think it needs flip-over files to reach in between the keys, picture Edward Scissorhands.
RayfordSteele, Aug 13 2009


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