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Dig up Knightrider (but not 2000 !)
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The TV series Knight Rider should be re-created but instead of the voice of KITT being pleasant but slighly paranoid it should be voice of 'Dirty Harry'. This would probably mean the show would have to be shown after the watershed BUT they could do a TV movie pilot showing Dirty Harrys brain being programmed into a microchip, maybe after a shoot out, or old age gets to him. 'Boosters, thats for assholes'
ginge, Jul 26 2001


       NIce idea, but they already remade this show and called it "Team Knight Rider", it now has more cars and a lot more people driving them. In it there's a black truck (Beast?) that is rude, arrogant and downright unhelpful, but it doesn't change the fact that the show is utter utter fecal matter. And dont think that putting Dirty Harrys brain into KITT would help, because Knight Rider was a gay show with a gay car. (Micheal Knight was the real STAR of that show- what an actor!!!)
DavidHasslehoff, Jul 26 2001

       Yeh... knightrider was a good show in its day(honest). If they make another one, (by another I mean apart from Team Knightrider which is poor) they would have to revamp the car. Lets face it kit is gay and he is very outdated. Maybe a new flash Corvette with a ROUND steering wheel instead of the rectangular thing that wouldnt really be used to steer anything that wasnt F1. Also that Michael Knight needs a haircut and some lessons in acting. Sure he got to oogle at Pam Ands assets during baywatch but hes not going to go any further. Its just not cricket!
Vader, Jul 26 2001

       Cheaper to just re-issue the old shows on DVD with a choice of alternative KITT voices: Clint Eastwood, Snagglepuss, Kenneth Branagh. No others. Well, and Mr. T.
Monkfish, Jul 27 2001

       //showing Dirty Harrys brain being programmed into a microchip//   

       You sir, get a pastry.
mrkillboy, Jul 27 2001

       Just make sure you don't hire Mulletman Greaseball (alledgedly) also known as David Hasslehoff. Oh yeah and make sure they get some good looking women in the show. Maybe we should have a Michelle Knight and she could be a really foxy woman in her late 20's / early 30's or older with long dark hair and lucious red lips and can really kick ass!!! Team Knight rider or Knight rider 2000 or whatever it is called is totally gay and ruins the whole concept of knightrider. Apart from the decent looking women. Give it a banana or to. Oh yeah and a car should have a rough voice ala Dirty Harry; not a gay one. However Monkfish's idea about Snagglepuss is cool.
Monkeyboy2, Jul 27 2001

       From IMDB   

       "1st August 2001 No Holding Back The Knight   

       David Hasselhoff is planning to return to his role as the Knight Rider in what he is calling an "absolutely big feature film," according to the British entertainment website Popcorn. "We made the deal on Friday," said Hasselhoff, who leaped from his TV success with a talking car 15 years ago to even greater success with the syndicated babes-and-brawn series Baywatch. Popcorn, an Internet publication produced by Britain's Carlton Communications, indicated that Hasselhoff is planning to add digital special effects to the Knight Rider movie. "We're talking about doing it a little bit like The Matrix," he said. And the late Edward Mulhare, who played Hasselhoff's boss in the TV series, will be brought back from the dead "as a hologram," the actor said."   

       No mention of dirty harrys brain in a microchip but im sure that will be written in.
ginge, Aug 02 2001

       Doing it a bit like the matrix = lets add a bit of technology and some martial arts. Every movie about anything futuristic says the whole its a bit like Matrix thing. The Matrix is an amazing film. (rant done) My personal objections to Hasslehoff. If Kit has a gay voice it will be very irritating. As fro his boss being a hologram I have Star Wars coming through here. The image of the emporer springs to mind. (continued rant).
Monkeyboy2, Aug 03 2001

       Considering the fact that KITT is so obviously gay, can I suggest Graham Norton for the role? It would give me another good reason to go out instead of sitting and watching TV all night.
CoolerKing, Aug 03 2001

       The problem is not the gayness of the original show (that was just a feature of the curiously homo erotic period of 80's TV - A-Team? Gay Team, more like)   

       The real problem with Knight Rider, is it's ludicrous premise. You invent an intelligent car that can drive itself, what's the obvious application for this? Why law enforcement of course! Likewise a very fast helicopter with a silent-running mode.   

       This is not what the police need - they need surveillance and forensic technologies not a driverless taxi survice.
gravelpit, Aug 03 2001

       LOL! What police need are technologically advanced doughnuts. ("I know what you're thinking: Is it cream filled or jelly filled? The question you need to ask yourself is 'Do I feel lucky?'. Well, do you, punk?")
phoenix, Aug 03 2001

       Knightrider as a gay show? The A-Team homoerotic? <cough, splutter, gag, laugh> You gotta be kidding, hetero-boys. A show about a man with a mullet driving a black sports car very fast - that's about as macho a wank fantasy as you can get. Although it lacked the other substitute-penis-symbol of guns (in abundant supply over on the A-Team), it had more than its fair share of leggy blondes faffing about each week for Hasselhoff - that manly man - to prove his masculinity with. Indeed, the reason for the prissiness of KITT's voice, one might well argue, was to reinforce the Mulletted One's hetero credentials by contrasting him with the stereotyped "posh poof" (cf. Magnum P.I.'s similar "English ponce" character and Boy George's *amusing* cameo in The A-Team).   

       Now if the car had been white and had driven around slowly, playing crap dance music at full volume... and if the majestically-moustached Tom Selleck had played the Michael Knight character instead of Hasselhoff... well then you might have a point.   

       Anyhoo, shame on you all (Well, not all of you, but *you know who you are*) for buying into the fagfear stereotype, but croissant for ginge for the Dirty Harry brain-in-a-car idea. Dirty Harry: now there's a closet case if ever I saw one. : >
Guy Fox, Aug 03 2001

       I've sat in the drivers seat of the actual KITT Car.
thumbwax, Mar 31 2002

       Look...the original idea behind Knightrider during it's time was ingenious. In order for something to be able to gain popularity today among this premise, it would have to have it's origins out of Skunkworks...aka Area 51. I think a vehicle that can act as a car and something that is Sub-ortal/orbital could work. Although it would have to take place roughly 30-40 years into the future. The vehicle would have to incorporate some of the same technology portrayed in the Star Trek holodeck, a device that can rearrange electrons and photons to appear to have any texture desired to the human senses, although with a solid/real center and power generation device possibly antimatter based. The possiblilities with this as a storyline could be endless...Stargate SG-1 has had incredible sucess and is now reaching into a spinoff called Stargate Atlantis...They incoprorate similar physics principles to that of Star Trek...I should know, I insure these productions...Bottom Line in order for a Knight Rider comeback to be sucessfull it would have to be on cable TV.
pspinell, Feb 11 2004

       Re: erotic subtext of Knight Rider... there is such a thing as Internet "slash" fiction about Michael and Kitt. I ain't linkin' to it. I'm just sayin'.
hob, Feb 11 2004

       My god, he's right, there is....   

       I'm picturing Clint Eastwood behaving as his old cowboy self....struggling to keep his cool and politely ignore Michael, eventually losing his patience after repeated provocations and killing him.
normzone, Feb 11 2004


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