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Nick Nineties

All of those awesome late 80s-early/mid 90s Nickelodeon TV shows
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A lot of the best TV shows that we all grew up with were on Nickelodeon. Shows like "The Adventures of Pete and Pete", "Double Dare" and "Are You Afraid of the Dark?". These shows aren't on TV anymore. They're not on DVD, or anything like that. And they're shows that, regardless of your age, are still awesome, and at the very least, remind us of our childhoods. I want a TV channel consisting solely of these shows, 24-7. Plain and simple.
Pocketassreturn, Jun 12 2004


       UK Gold apparently shows nothing but repeats. Is that what you mean? (Never heard of any of the shows you list, don't have cable, rarely watch TV anyway.)
angel, Jun 12 2004

       Apparently VH1 is about to run "I Love The Nineties", so someone out there in TV planning land thinks along the same lines as you.
DrCurry, Jun 12 2004

       Pocketassreturn, you should move to México. We do get re-runs of "Are You Afraid of the Dark" and, sorry to say, it's one of the worst shows I've seen.
Pericles, Jun 12 2004

       [Pericles] You should go to hell.
Pocketassreturn, Jun 12 2004

       Pocketassreturn, I don't believe in hell, sorry!
Pericles, Jun 12 2004

       What Zanzibar said. [marked-for-deletion]
ldischler, Jun 12 2004

       Can we now [mfd] on account of the poster being an arsehole?
MikeOliver, Jun 12 2004

       I hate nick.
menotyou, Jun 12 2004

       I happen to think that it's a great idea...i miss those shows... Are You Afraid of the Dark happened to inspire me greatly with the stories I write. I would watch it!
Robyn Silverwolfe, Jun 12 2004

       //You should go to hell//   

       I have arranged for those nick nineties in hell. Poked arse please report.
neelandan, Jun 14 2004

       Zanzibar/ldischler: How is this a Wibni - "something widely known as desirable, but unobtainable"?
DrCurry, Jun 14 2004

half, Jun 14 2004

       I really want to apologize to everyone for my asshole-type attitude lately. I'm definitely going to shape up from here on out.   

       [Pericles] I want to apologize to you for my response to what you said. I misread it and thought you were telling me to 'move to mexico' (meaning 'get the hell out of the US, we don't want you here). Sorry.
Pocketassreturn, Jun 15 2004

       Silly, she lives in Mexico.
half, Jun 15 2004

       [Half] I realize that now...
Pocketassreturn, Jun 15 2004

       //A lot of the best TV shows that we all grew up with were on Nickelodeon.//   

       Nickelodeon debuted on April Fools Day, 1979. Nickelodons were around a century ago.
thumbwax, Jun 15 2004

       //A lot of the best TV shows that we all grew up with were on Nickelodeon//   

       Why do you assume that everyone else here is the same age and from the same country as you? Australia has only had Nickelodeon recently and only on cable. I can also say that everything I've seen on it sucked bigtime (don't get me started on Rugrats).   

       Pocket, you don't seem to be getting the hang of this place. Shape up or you may find yourself shipped out.
madradish, Jun 24 2004

       Hmm, although I was a kid in the 80's and have seen some of those shows, I can't say that Nickelodeon is the high point of American child-oriented television. Lets bring back some old PBS shows like Square One instead, shall we? I just can't bring myself to like this idea. -
evilmathgenius, Jun 24 2004

       Yeah, Nick was great in the 80's, with 'You Can't Do That On Television,' 'Belle and Sabastian,' 'Double-Dare,' and others. Now it's all crap.   

       Here's an idea Pocket, delete some of these annotations that don't add anything and move on. I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt as a simple misunderstanding.
RayfordSteele, Jul 03 2004

       Fox's offspring station, FX, plays shows from that same era: Saved By the Bell, 90210 etc. The quality shows of Nickelodeon: Clarissa Explains it All, Salute Your Shorts, and previously mentioned shows, might fit in well there. I don't know if there are enough episodes of those shows to fill up a whole station, though. What if you combined them with all great sit-coms from the 80s and 90s, that are already replayed on lots of stations (Who's the Boss, Growing pains, Small Wonder, etc etc) instead of limiting it to Nickelodeon shows. That might have a larger following. I'd watch it. And thanks for reminding me of the show Pete and Pete. That was a great one! Bun for you!
fatmess, Aug 04 2004


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