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MTV Oldschool

An MTV channel devoted to non-music videos, the shows we loved and lost...
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MTV should create a new channel, like M2 or MTV Europe that is entirely devoted to the shows that used to air "back in the day", like "Beavis and Butthead", "Remote Control", "Liquid Television", "The Edge", etc... They can also include the movies that were affiliated with MTV, like "200 Cigarrettes", "The Maxx", "Aeon Flux", and "Election". Not just that, but this new channel could allow new shows to debut that MTV lovers would like. But mainly, it would be a show comprised of all the old school MTV classics that society wonders what happened to.
harlequingal85, Feb 28 2002

Chris Cunningham http://www.director...nningham/index.html
His videos are ACE. [calum, Mar 01 2002]

MTV's "Shit Parade" http://www.mtv.ru/programs/shitparade/
From MTV Russia. Not old school, but worth sharing. [waugsqueke, Apr 10 2002]


       i loved liquid tv, and i understant that daria is no longer being made, so she should be there too. and was i the only one that liked spy groove? that didn't last long at all. bevis and buthead actualy came out of liquid tv. and remember winter steel?
wess, Feb 28 2002

       Some shows I'd like to see them air again, that have not been mentioned yet: Apartment 2F; Austin Stories; Oddville MTV.
JakePatterson, Mar 01 2002

       I like, totally agree dude. MTV has gone down the kaiser in the last five years.. I'd like this channel to show old school videos as well.. giving a Ferris Bueller style start to your day - Zeig Zeig Sputnik (hell thats not spelt correctly), and the intro where the woman chainsaws a TV in half. That would rule.
Danzarak, Mar 01 2002

       Don't they repeat these show anyway?
pottedstu, Mar 01 2002

       Now known as EmptyV - liquid and aeon were catapults for possibilities weren't they?
thumbwax, Mar 01 2002

       Do they ever actually show music videos anymore?
MORGWOOD, Mar 01 2002

       <GenerationalAlert> I can remember when MTV played music videos. In fact, I can remember when MTV first came on. In fact, I remember watching the *first* video. I remember thinking "Cool enough, but who would sit around and watch this all day?". </GenerationalAlert>   

       In any case, the last thing we need is more MTV.
phoenix, Mar 01 2002

       Similarly, I thought Danzarak's annotation was particularly interesting, because for my generation, MTV went down the "kaiser" when it started running "shows" instead of just videos. Anyone remember "Video Killed the Radio Star"?
beauxeault, Mar 01 2002

       I think the shows were an "alternative" thing - a kind of non-mainstream television channel to go with cutting edge music videos... Nowadays, not only isn't anyone really doing anything interesting with videos - the music is so totally mainstream, even on the alternative MTVs. Thats why I think it went down the schvitzer.</BR> Some of the shows broke new ground in lots of different fields... that just doesn't happen anymore on MTV.
Danzarak, Mar 01 2002

       "Nowadays, not only isn't anyone really doing anything interesting with videos..." Well, that is a wee bit of a generalisation. I've linked to a site of the work of Chris Cunningham.   

       Regarding music, all the best tunes are to be found on VH1 Classic Smooth. Altogether now: "You can be my bodyguard and I can be your long lost pal..."
calum, Mar 01 2002

       phoenix and beauxeault...ahh, I remember the day MTV came into being also. I quit watching it when they starting showing things other than videos. And showing rap. I hate rap.   

       What we *need* is an oldschool MTV where all they show are the high-hair, pretty boy bands in spandex from the 80s. (and lots of early Madonna videos ;-)
runforrestrun, Mar 01 2002

       runforrestrun, that MTV exists. That MTV is called VH1 Classic. "... and Betty when you call me, you can caaaalll me Al."
calum, Mar 01 2002

       well, thank you calum....now all I need is some spare time to actually turn on the TV and find it!
runforrestrun, Mar 01 2002

       (Visions of Paul and Chevy horsing around...)   

       Oddly, I think the shows came into being because people complained that the same videos were being shown over and over and over...   

       It also seemed (at least for a while - y'all tell me if this is still the case) that many songs were written with MTV in mind. That is, someone had a good idea for a video and said "...now all I need is a song...".   

       Lastly, am I the only one who's disturbed by the portrayal of black women in many of the (male artist) rap videos? And yet I've not heard anyone complain (so maybe it's just me).
phoenix, Mar 01 2002

       ....it's not just you <sigh>
runforrestrun, Mar 01 2002

       It's sad, really - the portrayal of women as being booty shakers and nothing but. The misogynists are 'helping' create a whole new school of future misogynists and misandrists.
thumbwax, Mar 01 2002

       Most of the shows I've mentioned you can only find on video nowadays, and, my friends, why oh why would you want to waste a hard earned three bucks just to see about 45 minutes of the shows we missed? I rented a B&B video once, only to find that all the hilarious video commentary had been edited out, which is a big time bummer. There are many more absolutely brilliant MTV non-video shows that I hadn't mentioned, and I am terribly sorry I forgot them (Oddvile, HECK YEAH dude!). Many of you were speaking of the fact that the original MTV isn't so original anymore and we'd be lucky enough to see "Video Killed the Radio Star" ever again. Well, maybe if this new channel did exist, then all that junk like "Cribs" and "Dismissed" and "The Real World" would be moved there, and we really can win back our good old original MTV with videos galore! Most of us know now that MTV is just the home of shameless displays of tackiness and heartless commercialization, but I remember when MTV once was chock full of creativity, most of it came from two places, the music and the shows. That was when I actually wanted to watch MTV.
harlequingal85, Mar 02 2002

       My household has discussed how ridiculous MTV has gotten. I share my home with a black female who has watched Zero MTV in last 22 months. Her son is now 18, and is interested in pursuing a career in music (he incorporates jazz, hiphop, ambient elements in keyboard playing in tandem with computer program) has watched @ 2 minutes in same time period. I've watched a total of @ 10 minutes at various times. All in hope there is a glimmer of what used to be there. Nada
thumbwax, Mar 02 2002

       Man, I … like crawl to the Barrio on Founder's day and don't come out till Lent and, sheet … cover my ass up, you know? And I never heard none of what the hell is up with the TV since it makes all that noise on the happiest days of the year, and seen the Grammys are for s**t and all the Oscars for 2001 going to the movies that been released this weekend … makes me kinda wonder where my homies been.
reensure, Mar 02 2002

       Tell me about it, thumbwax. It's really sad, given that in this whole, wide world, there are so many other things to shake.   

       Maracas, hands, the monkey, a leg, babies....
cpt kangarooski, Mar 02 2002

       calum - You are right about Chris Cunningham.. I love Come to Daddy. However, generally, its been a really long time since I saw a video that I loved. If I see one more fish-eye lens/white room/matrix rip-off R&B video, someone's gonna pay!   

       I like most of Bjork's Videos (I know Chris Cunningham did one of those too, but I dont remember which one)... but I've not seen anything memorable in a long while.   

       Plus - for you British Bakers - remeber the Chart Show on Saturday Morning? Now, there's nowhere to see videos without going cable/satellite, which is extremely mean I think.
Danzarak, Mar 04 2002

       Has anyone got any information concerning the music in "The Maxx"? I would appreciate it if you could give me the names of the jazz songs or where I could possibly download them. Please email me at blue_sprkl@hotmail.com Thanx!
blue_sprkl, Nov 18 2002

       MTV really needs a makeover. They just have shows to display stars' ignorance for blowing their money instantly so they can fall by the wayside and be on Behind the Music faster. "Here's my custom (ourageously expensive car here)... my remote control curtains, COME ON!!! They really need more groundbreaking shows like Austin Stories. And there is never a warning when a show is ending. There's just a new 10-spot.
akersgurl, Mar 29 2003

       More "Pop-up video" would be nice, but I don't think that was on MTV.
hippo, Mar 30 2003

       Just wondering if any of you guys remember a show from I think 1990, starring the dude from Bill and Ted? The Alex Winter Show? and another one called Buzz which was also in 1990. I know I'm older than the crust on some of your shorts but just wondering?
HrddikkensCider, Sep 11 2003

       Do we remember what MTV stands for?????? Music Televison Videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's toooooooo many shows and not enough videos!!!!!!!!!! I agree, bring back the videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was very much into "Heavy Metal" in the 80's. I too think that we should have an MTV channel from the 80's.
jpnunicorn, Oct 03 2003

       Good idea, but I voted against it since MTV would just screw it up, the way they screwed up The Box when they acquired it and turned it into MTV2, then turned MTV2, which was supposed to actually play music, into the same crappy programming as MTV. And yeah, I loved "Austin Stories"!
LeBain, Apr 01 2006

       This station would start of awesome and would slowly drop off until one day when society will be forced to watch trl for another 15 years because it will be determined oldskool...and don't forget about how awesome Sifl and Olley was.
Phaedrus, Sep 13 2006


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