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lactose intake suppressor

FromaDerm OTC. cheese abatement patch
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a trans-dermal patch for french people who are lactose intolerant or otherwise eat too much cheese. see/QUESOderm..
TonyJaguar, May 22 2006


zen_tom, May 22 2006

TonyJaguar, May 22 2006

       ...And, [UB]?   

       I don't get it. What's in the patch? Cheese flavour? But it's trans-dermal.
Texticle, May 23 2006

       How does a patch suppress lactose intake?
DrCurry, May 23 2006

       If you stick it across your mouth.
jutta, May 23 2006

       it would release the wrong enzymes. just off what you were wanting. face it, there is stinky cheese, and there is bad cheese. it would work kinda like zyban.
TonyJaguar, May 23 2006

       I don't think Zyban works like you think it works.
half, May 23 2006

       you know i have heard that before. but i tried some a while back, just for shits and giggles. and after a couple of days, smokes were gross. I LOVE SMOKING. oops, just read that again, how does it work? it made me wanna' quit, when i did not want to. now i gotta look up goddamn zyban.
TonyJaguar, May 23 2006

       [rods tiger Ian T] is this [tony jaguar] your devil spawn? Good god man what were you thinking,
ConsulFlaminicus, May 23 2006


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