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Flying cheese factory

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I thought of this ages ago, but was spurred to post it now by a coincidence of a Reddit post and a Halfbakery idea [links].

The flying cheese factory would be a factory set up to make all kinds of cheese. It would fly from town to town all across Europe. While on the ground in a given town, it would manufacture the type of cheese that can only be legally made there. The cheeses would be sold, hopefully for a profit. It is hoped that there would be some benefit from having one factory capable of producing all cheeses, even if it has to travel to do so and can only make one type at a time.

(No food: cheese category?)

51/344 [before April 2017]

notexactly, Jun 05 2018

Reddit post https://www.reddit....f_european_cheeses/
A map of European cheeses. Look at all the places this thing could go—and the comments say there are a bunch more that aren't on the map! [notexactly, Jun 05 2018]

Halfbakery idea Stealth drone with laser guided cheese
Unrelated, but the title mentions similar concepts (aircraft, cheese) [notexactly, Jun 05 2018]

Floating UK Floating_20UK
Attach floats,cut away from the bedrock etc [not_morrison_rm, Jun 06 2018]


       Uh, most of a cheese's character comes from its ageing, which is done in different and very specific ways for different cheeses. Given that most cheeses need to be aged for a few weeks to a few years, I'm not completely convinced of the feasibility of this.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 05 2018

       Instead of flying, if they used the UK's railways there would be no problem with aging. In fact most cheeses would end up being of the ultra mature variety.
xenzag, Jun 05 2018

       On the advice of the NMRM Intellectual Property monkeys, I have to mention the Floating UK notion. See Link.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 06 2018


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