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lego case

a case made out of lego so you can build on it
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i was just looking at my case and saw how ugly it was. i was thinking: Why dont you have a case made out of lego so you can build on. you could even make it so its just a case chassis with a large baseplate at the bottom so you can build around the chassis
sockless, Mar 11 2007

Legobox (computer case) http://www.mini-itx.com/projects/legobox/
You're not the first person to have considered the amazing powers of Lego. [Jinbish, Mar 11 2007]

(???) Legobox (computer case 2) http://www.bibi.org...neiro/lego_case.jpg
[Jinbish, Mar 11 2007]

Archived copy of above-linked image https://web.archive...neiro/lego_case.jpg
It's too small a picture but it's worth looking at [notexactly, Aug 31 2019]

Any case a Lego case data:image/jpeg;bas...nywUUUUAFFFFAH/2Q==
Just tape your desired container, light or otherwise. [wjt, Aug 31 2019]

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       keep your lego in it.
po, Mar 11 2007

       Keep it brief.   


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