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lottery jobs

lottery selection of candidates
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We all know there is some element of nepotism always present in employee selection for jobs. However, in difficult times, there is greatly more demand for jobs and so nepotism is much higher.

Why not have some kind of lottery wheel pick a winner and make independently verified videos of the spin of the wheel.

Congrats applicant #23496 You have been selected for the poistion.

Applicants could be pre-screened so that they only need vaguely need qulaifications - beakdown of trade eg. locksmith, welder , profession - teacher etc., Phd. researcher etc, arts - musician, animator etc.

Trade unions could help regulate it.

user314, Nov 08 2009

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       Why not? Because the most experienced, best qualified person should get the job! If all you need is a few qualifications, and after that it's names in a hat, why try harder?
To quote Busted... //That's what I go to school for!//
MikeOliver, Nov 08 2009

       great idea! And to make it fair, the spaces on the wheel could be of varying width. For example, the the space on the wheel might be twice as wide for a native American if the job was casino/gambling/smoking related.
bassackward, Nov 10 2009

       I think out last family doctor might have gotten his job this way.   


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