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magnetic base cup

Magneticbase coffee cup
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The cup can be placed on the fender panel while you work on your heap, providing your car is made of steel. Or if you are inclined to leave the cup on top of the car, it will be there when you get home. Also a good way to cool the coffee.
jejay, Nov 28 2000

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       That's "theory" as in, "the pseudoscientific gibberish that the seller uses to promote their scam". It also is said to improve vision, hearing, and fertility, and prevent aging. I hear some of them also give you three wishes when you rub them...
jutta, Nov 28 2000

       I give you three wishes if you rub me, too!
ping, Nov 28 2000

       I like this idea. I especially like the notion of all the people who will roll down their windows to tell me that my coffee cup is on top of my car. I'll enjoy telling them "I know," and then puttering off even more.
rapid transit, May 20 2003

       Has this ever been made? I have a friend that drives a forklift that has no cup holder for his coffee. This would be a great product for him.
arobe23, Jul 21 2004


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