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measure vac

a wet/dry vac that measures the amount of matter you're collecting
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imagine spilling a 10-lb. pound of rice all over your kitchen floor. if you're anything like me, you would panic and suck up as much as you immediately saw, and find rice particles for the next week in nooks and crannies. i propose a vaccuum that would measure, down to the tenth, the amount of stuff it picked up, so that i could suck up all 10 lbs. (that's right, i'm american) of rice, go on with my day, and not have to worry anymore.
neo_, Nov 27 2009

Home Weight Display Home_20Weight_20Display
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       I suggest Category: Product:cleaning.   

       This is basically a good idea. + Could be implemented using load cells, see [link]   

       I own a fairly recent vacuum cleaner that has a red/green LED that indicates amount of dirt actively collected (shows red when cleaning a dirty carpet, turns green when the air intake has become fairly clean.)   

       Please keep at it, and try to avoid angry/stupid discussions with others.
csea, Nov 27 2009

       //try to avoid\\ <-> //10 lbs. (that's right, i'm american)\\ Look he's doing it on purpose.   

       My friend gave me a T shirt the other week. DeWalt tools, shopvac, I suck wet and dry.
zeno, Nov 27 2009

       An seemingly original idea, [neo]. You could clean up with this one ...
Aristotle, Nov 27 2009

       //(that's right, i'm american)//and...   

       <random> "Do you text your mom with those fingers?" </random>
FlyingToaster, Nov 27 2009

       I think this is a great idea, you could monitor the amount of dirt you were collecting on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Competitive co-residents could vie for the highest single-sweep score. The more techy types could perhaps upload the data to their computer or iphone via the hoover's built in blurtooth, to provide real-time graphs and analysis
pocmloc, Nov 27 2009

       Good idea. Bun.
DrWorm, Nov 27 2009

       I'm not sure how often I know the weight of something I've spilled/dropped/tracked in on my shoes. But, nice to know how much dirt I've hooverised.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 27 2009


       How often do you drop an *entire* bag of rice, when it's completely full? It's more likely to get dropped after several servings have already been removed, and you no longer know it's precise weight.   

       And if it *had* been full, and you stopped cleaning when you'd collected 10 pounds of stuff, there'd still probably be rice laying about, since unless the floor were perfectly clean to start with, you'll have sucked up an ounce or two of dirt, along with the rice.
goldbb, Nov 29 2009

       That's a very heavy pound of rice.
notexactly, Dec 09 2018


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