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An instant cleaning, waxing, and shining canned arasol solution
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Wouldn't we all just love it if someone would come up with a aresol spray can of somthing that would clean, wax, and shine, all in one spray 3 wipes 1 breeze? somthing like, a heavy duty degreaser/cleaner/windex interspersed with small capsules that would dissolve in oxygen(or some other element found in earths atmosphere naturally) containing turtle wax®, minute wax®, and would stick to paint untill it dries, then release their contents to wax the finish, and then the shining capsules would be still sticking on somhow, would then disintegrate as you drive somwhere or use your blower on the finish, and release their contents to then be evenly dispersed by, naturally, capillary action. now somones just gotta figure it out.
Cracked Helmut, Oct 29 2002


       Isn't he a Bollywood actor?
Mayfly, Oct 29 2002

snarfyguy, Oct 29 2002

       You'd betta be sorry blissmiss
Cracked Helmut, Oct 30 2002

       and apology accepted, blissmiss
Cracked Helmut, Oct 30 2002

       still seems like a lot of hard *work* to me.
po, Oct 30 2002


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