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Laser window Screens

No cleaning, except for the dead bugs and small animals.
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Screens are so troublesome. You have to clean them often in marine areas, and they get holes in them, so you have to replace them, or put a panty-hose patch on them. What we need is a solution that doesn't require the cleaning of a screen! Lasers would work perfectly for this! We've all seen the oscillating laser scanners at the checkouts, but boost the power up on these puppies and you've got yourself a bug/rodent zapper! the frame for this would be mirrors so that it would bounce the laser many times. Get the oscillations going fast enough and you only need to turn the intensity up when you detect something in the laser path. Once it detects something, it immediately pumps the power up and slices that mosquito clean in half.
twitch, Jan 13 2009

Not prior art Midge_20Laser
But fun reading [theleopard, Jan 15 2009]


       And household rubbish could be thrown out the window, instant incinerator!
cblunds, Jan 15 2009

       you mean incinerate the house when the burning rubbish blows back inside?
twitch, Jan 15 2009


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