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medical tapes

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Recently, I've been thinking of ways to get complete strangers into medical school

On the list of things I suggest they do is get a D patent to distinguish their apps

people here may immediately say, "well, those are ornamental, thats kind of rude" These are some D patentable ideas that appear to have value

Medical tape printed with dots of adhesive: dots rather than coatings permit more airflow

Medical tape with adhesive missing from edges: removing the medical tape at any side is easier with less stress

Medical bandage with less than velcrolike nubs that point different directions [^^^^^^^^^>>>>>>>>^^^^^^^>>>>>>] such that wrapping it keeps it snug at a wider variety of positions

Any new shape of pill container that has a flat or circular area that matches a label printed graphic: You may have seen things with a flat spot for the label, basically if an old lady has 11 pill containers each with a different flower or painting on it (think aldrich chem catalog art) she can tell which she has used

I know this is sneaking up on Idea list

does anyone here have amusing "get into medical school" technologies

beanangel, May 07 2009


       These are very good ideas, why did you not post them as four seperate ideas?   

       In the Netherlands there is a lottery to get into medical school. And so nobody knows anybody who goes to medical school with them and so they are all strangers anyway. That part of the idea is stupid. Why not divide them and repost as four ideas?
zeno, May 08 2009

       The ideas themselves are kind of nice, but what does //get a D patent to distinguish their apps// mean?
loonquawl, May 08 2009

       //In the Netherlands there is a lottery to get into medical school//
Is this a bit like the US Draft Board?
What if you don't want to go?
Do you run away to Belgium or join the National Guard or something?
coprocephalous, May 08 2009

       I was unsuccessful googling to learn what a D patent is and why one might consider it ornamental. More please?
bungston, May 08 2009

       These are great tape ideas.
nomocrow, May 08 2009

       A US design patent (with a D in front of the patent number; "registered design" in some other countries) does for appearance what patents do for mechanism - it protects from the production of "substantially similar" knock-offs of a design.
jutta, May 08 2009

       Not bad ideas. I'd only quibble with //Medical tape with adhesive missing from edges: removing the medical tape at any side is easier with less stress//. To achieve a certain degree of grip you will need an adhesive band of a given width; adding "sidestrips" of non-sticky fabric won't, I predict, make it any easier to remove.   

       Anyway, have a sticky bun.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 08 2009

       It would be easier to get hold of the edge, duh.
zeno, May 12 2009

       Nice ideas [bean]. Good luck with your plans. Meanwhile have a bun to operate on.
blissmiss, May 12 2009


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