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Microbiome Rehab

Spa for gut biotics
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The microbiome is an economy. Religion is a series of linguistic innovations among the good microbiome community for securing future of this collection of bacteria viruses and fungi, with the unintended consequence of creating more space for the shadow side of the microbiome economy.

Microbiome rehab. Bring all the people who feel really bad -- criminals, homeless, disabilities, depression, into one place and then do scientific research on their microbiome and the way it changes in response to stimuli, with the goal of isolating the really bad microbiome and rehabilitating them.

JesusHChrist, Jul 29 2015


       The way you define "the really bad people" is telltale.
WcW, Jul 29 2015

       I think he defined "people who feel really bad", which is a different thing. When in doubt, read the idea. I know I plan to.   

       As to the idea, it is only half loopy. Most of the cells in your body are bacteria. Most of the chemicals components of your body (by numbers, not by mass) are made by bacteria. You are a habitat.   

       And people are looking into microbiomes in relation to health. What's not yet clear is whether clear differences in microbiomes are a cause or effect of differences in health. But these ecosystems can be quite stable (just as, say, a rainforest is stable) unless they are massively disrupted, whereupon a different stable microbiome can arise (just as, say, scrubland can be stable once a rainforest is cleared).
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 29 2015

       It's super real, but weirdly I doubt that it will be examined to help fix the greedy or the sort who desires to apply bleach to every surface of their home. I highly doubt that we are going to try to repair the biomes of the hopelessly boring or those with chronic social obedience.
WcW, Jul 29 2015

       No, but it is hereditable. A propensity to religiosity has been pinned down (at least in part) to a gene on chromosome 9. The allele for religiosity is co- dominant, meaning that homozygotes are (on average) more religious than heterozygotes who, in turn, are more religious than those who have no copies of the relevant allele. The finding was unexpected, because the gene was formerly known only to be involved in the maturation of the kidney.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 29 2015


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