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Medical conviction

Is your doctor convinced?
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Just read that CT scans may show that a large proportion of people taking statins may not need them.

Medical literature is too specific for even specialists to keep up, so the idea is to survey physicians regarding their degree of conviction for current theories/prescriptions, in order to refocus research and education, among other things.

This could be a feature of medical board exams or annual surveys of any kind. Maybe it already happens.

4and20, Oct 08 2015


       Given what Neurosurgeon Ben Carson is currently proving about his lack of scientific knowledge, what is the point of this?   

       Practically speaking, the most useful thing would be broad access to actual medical records, such that they can be analyzed for the effectiveness of treatment. Effort is being made in this direction, but it conflicts to a certain extent with medical privacy laws.
MechE, Oct 08 2015

       I tell my doctor what I will take and what I refuse to take. Statins have been refused by me for years now. If they want a reason, I tell them all the terrible feelings they caused for the 3 days that I tried taking them. No one should have to be subject to everything a doctor tells them. There are so many alternatives...
xandram, Oct 08 2015

       Reality is not a popularity contest. It is not determined by what people believe, and front-line medical practitioners are not engaged in research, nor, often, have the time to keep abreast of the state of science. They are the engineers of medicine, not the scientists.   

       While this survey may be useful in targeting education of practitioners, it is not a useful way of determining future research. Meta-analysis of existing studies is the way to find out what's what, and suggest where future research might go.
BunsenHoneydew, Oct 08 2015


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