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mens flower network

remember to buy flowers for your sweetheart
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women like getting flowers for no reason at all. but that's even harder to remember than an anniversary. so the mens flower network sends you emails at random times (just a couple times/season), reminding you to buy flowers for your sweetheart.

"how beautiful! but what for?!"
"oh, just because i love you." ("thanks MFN!")

gnormal, Mar 08 2001

A black belt in marital arts would never forget http://www.halfbake...idea/Marital_20Arts
[stickyman, Mar 08 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

[mrthingy]'s link... http://www.ftd.com
...with added http:// [angel, Oct 17 2004]


Aristotle, Mar 08 2001

       truly! hear hear!
absterge, Mar 08 2001

       Why not forego he whole email aspect? Sign up for the service, input your address, static dates such as birthday and anniversary, and a number of times per year you would like random flowers to be sent. Then, on each static occassion, and on the number of predetermined random occassions, the system automatically sends the flowers and bills your credit card. No need to reply or do anything at all. The only email that is sent is a notification that the flowers went out and that you should expect a happy sweetheart when you get home.
PotatoStew, Mar 08 2001

       Wouldn't she be freaked if you died and the flowers kept coming?   

       "Dearest love: I hope we're together forever!"....
Cedar Park, Jan 13 2003

       FTD will e-mail reminders to you. You could just pick some random dates yourself.
mrthingy, Feb 27 2003

       Oh, wow. This is a good 'un. If my boyfriend did this once in a while... uh, not that I actually have a boyfriend. But still. It would be cool. *sigh*   

       I'll email myself a reminder to give you a croissant.
bookends, May 05 2006

       "how beautiful! but what for?!, what have you done *this* time? You *never* send me flowers just 'because'. Go on, fess up, what have you done? and don't lie to me, you know I can always tell when you're lying. You see, that's the problem with us, I can't trust you anymore. You and your stupid friends that come over just to drink your beer and watch the rugger and then leave a mess that takes me three days to clean. Why don't you help more around the house? Do you think I'm here just as your personal cleaner? Annanotherthing..."
methinksnot, May 07 2006

       //You *never* send me flowers just 'because'.// Ah, you should have used MFN right from the start. That way, you'd have *often* sent her flowers just 'because'!
imaginality, May 08 2006

       If the MFN decides when to send flowers I'd give a bone to you, as you'd get spammed to hell. Plus they can invent reasons for you to send flowers and pointless gifts (IE the Simpsons 'Love Day' episode).   

       If YOU give dates to the MFN that you want to remember, then I'd give a bun.
kuupuuluu, May 08 2006


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