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Idea for a new wireless product...

The scenerio is, you subscribe to one of the growing, monthly pay WiFi hotspot services.

When you travel around with your laptop, from coffee shop, to airport to whatever WiFi hotspot you normally connect to, you also plug in the "miniWAP" into your USB port. This is in addition to the Orinoco, Linksys or whatever WiFi card you use to connect to the subscriber's network. You go ahead and surf.

Meanwhile, another laptop traveller in the vicinity simply checks NetStumber first and reads the SSID. The SSID contains something meaningful like "guy with red bandana, price is a beer/coffee". The laptop traveller greets you in person and agrees to buy you a beer if you will be in the vicinity for at least 15 minutes. You give him the miniWAP id and password.


Aladdin_Sane2, Feb 26 2003


       Peer-to-peer networking of this ilk has been proposed elsewhere. Hard to rig a workable payment scheme.   

       (Then again, like teen-sex spam, all the "Horny woman, price is..." misuse might drive the whole system. WiFi Hookers: is that a new idea?)
DrCurry, Feb 26 2003

       It could only have come from you, [DrC].
8th of 7, Feb 27 2003


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