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motorized futon

no more wrestling with the mattress
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Some futons are easier to reconfigure than others. The more difficult (and more compact) kind could benefit from a geartrain. Two buttons: "couch", "bed".

I'm imagining a mechanism like the one used on modern convertible autos.

egnor, Aug 17 2000


       Or on the motorized beds you see on TV all the time <In the US, anyway>
StarChaser, Aug 17 2000

       Huh? With a futon, the worst that could happen is that you roll over. A sofabed's another story, but those are actually easier to convert.
bookworm, Aug 18 2000

       If you had *two* people on the futon and set it to "couch", those two people would get a lot closer really quick.....   

       I love this idea. I've mashed a finger or ten on my own futon so it would be great to use remote control.
BigThor, Aug 29 2000

       i am afraid you have stumbled upon pure genious without realizing it. motorized futon yes, not to fold and unfold, to drive around town. think of it, you never have to get out of bed! i am starting work on this right away, soon as i get out of bed.
monty, Sep 17 2000

       I think a third button might be in order...the amorphous blob option for carrying it down the stairs of your apartment when you're moving out and you get wedged at the landing and the string you have tied around it breaks and it slowly busts out of itself like a leg that's gone to sleep from lying inactive too long...
grackle, May 10 2001

       This is neato. ++
sartep, Jun 23 2004

       god dam cat stop it your smashing me in my futon.   

       this would make a great torchore device for my sister.   

       just think you have three anoying friends, invit them over to sit and now you have there atention while locked in a futon death trap.   

toomer34, Jun 26 2005


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