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nest bed

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This is a concave round bed or v shaped conventional bed that forces the occupants against each other
vfrackis, Oct 12 2014


       The old lovelife has been a little quiet lately has it [vfrackis]?
AusCan531, Oct 12 2014

       The in-laws have one of these in their guest room. I always assumed the mattress was worn out.
scad mientist, Oct 12 2014

       Good idea to also solve rolling out of bed. All bunk beds should be made this way, so will also have hammock benefit.
rcarty, Oct 12 2014

       I'd settle for laterally concave: comfier. Longitudinally, not so much.
FlyingToaster, Oct 12 2014

       Also mechanize it.   

       <voice of HAL 9000> Now kiss! /<voh9k>
sninctown, Oct 12 2014

       No escaping morning breath...scary...
blissmiss, Oct 12 2014

       I have sticks in my garden but feathers are rare to find, on account of the cats.
pashute, Oct 12 2014

       I was expecting a bed within a bed within a bed, etc.   

       So, you get out of bed, but the floor is springy because it's part of the mattress of a bigger bed. At some point, you think you've fallen into something by Kafka, but then you realise that's not a giant cockroach, it's a giant bedbug.   

       It's all maybe a little too cosy.
pertinax, Oct 13 2014


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